White Paper On Washing Machines In 2018: Annual Domestic Demand Exceeds 20 Million

- Mar 19, 2018-

SUNING, in conjunction with the White Paper on the washing Machine Industry released by the China Institute of Home Appliances, shows that the domestic household demand for washing machine upgrading will bring the domestic washing machine market to more than 20 million units a year in the next few years.

The white paper shows that the domestic washing machine market is on the verge of a new wave of upgrading, following the upgrade from a two-cylinder to a fully automatic, wave wheel to a roller. China's washing machine market will see a "slow bull" growth in the next three to five years. The market will demand more than 20 million units a year, of which drying, large capacity and separate washing machines of different types of clothing will be the new trend in the future washing machine market. At present, domestic and foreign mainstream washing machine manufacturers have launched an upgraded version of new washing machine products in the market.