TCL Washing Machine Sticks To Pragmatic Innovation Strength And Deduces Great Power Brand Image

- Mar 30, 2018-

"Endeavor of continuous innovation, is the TCL invariant gene." TCL Group Chairman, CEO Li Dongsheng mentioned in the film. From the idea to innovation, TCL will innovation into the world's leading products, let the world witness country brand strength. In the field of home appliances, TCL white appliances as a pillar industry of home appliance industry group TCL under the flag, since the establishment of "pragmatic innovation" for the brand concept, rooted in new environment, new insight into market demand, a new way of life, changing the user's life, in the past two years to bring consumers a variety of revolutionary new products, good, good, quality, difference, high price, constitute the five major products, these factors make TCL difference of the washing machine successfully capture consumers.

Washing Machine Industry: founder and maker

Innovation is a big weapon for TCL washing machines to break through the market. In the washing machine industry, where secondary pollution has plagued the industry for years, consumers have suffered. But the industry has been unable to eradicate secondary pollution. In March 2016, the TCL  washing machine took three years to overthrow numerous schemes, overturning the internal structure of the traditional washing machine, solving the problem of sewage laundry that has plagued the industry for many years, and creating the first pollution-free wave wheel washing machine. The washing machine was the first to solve the second pollution of clothing.

In August 2016, TCL again launched its pollution-free drum washing machine, which solved the secondary pollution caused by the washing machine. In March 2017, TCL again launched the pollution-free barrel washing machine. To solve the cross pollution between clothing and clothing. The pollution-free technology has won the Chinese national technology certification and four international patents successively, and the pollution-free washing machine has obtained the "pollution-free characteristic washing machine" certification. This is the first feature certification in the domestic home appliance industry. At the 2017 IFA exhibition in Germany, the washing machine won the "Product Innovation of the year" and won the highest recognition on the world stage.

Therefore, TCL has constructed a system solution that is completely free of pollution, and has become a standard-setter of pollution-free standards, a continuous innovator of washing machine pollution-free technology, showing new ways of healthy washing, protecting the health of family members and passing on a healthy life.