Washing Machine Purchasing Essentials

- May 02, 2017-

1. The type, specifications, models and grades of the washing machine are selected in accordance with the requirements of the family and market supply.

2. Open the box, check the appearance of the quality of washing machine, appearance requirements elegant, smooth, elegant color, clear lines; the box surface has no scratches, paint hard light; plastic parts without warping variant, no burrs, cracks, and so on, the surface of the washing barrel should be smooth.

3, check the quality of the parts, open the bucket lid, the barrel is required to smooth, wave wheel and barrel around the gap requirements in the 1~1.5mm around, with the hand rotating wave wheel, left and right rotation flexible, no abnormal sound, with the hands of the Control Panel keys switch, rotating timer or program controller, demanding movements freely.

4. Power trial, double barrel semi-automatic washing machine requires wave wheels reverse operation, timing will arrive, buzzer alarm, the bucket can rotate, open the dehydration bucket lid, take off the bucket can be stopped, stop rotation, automatic washing machine requirements can be set up the program to operate, the intake and drainage valve control normal.

5. According to the Manual Check random attachment is complete, the function is good and so on.