Washing Machine Market Growth Slows Dryers, District Washing Into Highlands

- Mar 14, 2018-

But as people's quality of life grows, washing machines have become an essential tool for every household, especially in winter, when people used to do laundry at the laundry table, in ponds and by rivers, but as they grew older, Not only is it a pain to touch cold water. Ten years have passed since home appliances went to the countryside, and the wave of "old age" washing machines since 2008 has reached a new generation. The agency expects a concentrated laid-off in a decade to generate more than 20 million replacement units a year in the washing machine market over the next few years.

The white paper on the washing machine industry released recently shows that health, large capacity and intelligence will become the new tuyere for the development of the industry, as well as a key factor for consumers to choose and buy. Washing machines are entering a steady ascent phase of slow cow climbing. As a major driver of growth, washing machine replacement demand will be gradually released with the momentum of subdivision frequency.

In the new category market, washing machine manufacturers are exploring the plasticity of washing machine products. At present, the washing machine industry is exploring the introduction period of new categories, from wave wheels, rollers, inside and outside cylinders to pollution-free cleaning, from clothes dryers, Washing and drying into a separate washing machine, and then to the recent introduction of a double-barrel duplex washing machine, each enterprise has come up with a "killer mace" to seize the market. To break the monopoly pattern of washing machine. The clothes dryer, which has been popularized abroad for many years, is also popular with consumers at home, and it is expected to open a new runway for washing machine industry by entering the period of rapid market growth.

Drying machine market (including washing machine) release capacity and Haier Gemini and small swan duplex drum models came out, The size of the washing machine has been expanded in another form. Data show that the market size of China's clothes dryers is expected to reach 192,000 units in 2017, an increase of 42% over the same period last year, compared with the foreign drying machine market. Its future growth space is still huge. And the premium of nearly 80% district washing machine products has also become the high ground of Nuggets. The breakout of sub-categories such as "zone washing," washing and drying, and clothes dryers will also become the competition focus of manufacturers. Create the opportunity for the washing machine brand to pass around the corner.