Washing Machine Industry Opportunities, Not Share But It!

- Mar 15, 2018-

According to the data from Zhonghui Kang, the retail volume of washing machines in China from January to October this year was 30.15 million, an increase of 9.2% over the same period last year. For the household appliances industry in transition, such results are gratifying. In addition, SUNING recently joined with Zhonghui. The White Paper on washing Machine Industry issued by the China Academy of Home Appliances (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper) also shows that the washing machine market in China will have a "slow cow" growth in the next three to five years, with annual demand of more than 20 million units.

The washing machine category is not as constrained by weather as air conditioners, and the market replacement demand in the next few years is in the process of sustained enhancement and slow release, which is the steady growth cycle.Everyone has a sense of "raising vigilance" in the shopping malls.Therefore, at this stage, many enterprises try various means to seize the market, ice-breaking new areas, with a view to bend overtaking.

Among them, many of them have sought to use the "shared washing machine" gimmick to quickly occupy groups such as college students and tenants. But the sharing economy is full of vanity, and experts in the industry often rate it as "a long way to go." the prospects are broad. But for washing machines, there are many difficult problems, such as hygiene, clothing loss, and so on. Even through the "share" of the origin to cash in, so that consumers away from them, enterprises are also difficult to find "opportunities."

Instead of trying to make money, it is better to analyze the data accurately and insight into market demand so as to seize the opportunity of corner overtaking.

The white paper shows that the domestic washing machine market is about to usher in a new wave of upgrading after upgrading from a two-cylinder to a fully automatic, wave wheel to a roller, plus a high-scale stock market from 2008 to 2011. The future will bring the washing machine market an annual replacement demand of 20 million units, so "upgraded" washing machine products will certainly occupy the market high ground in the next few years.

Industry insiders generally believe that with the rapid development of the high-end washing machine market, home appliance enterprises are speeding up the layout of this field, and this field becomes an incremental space. The White Paper also predicts that it has a drying function. Large capacity and separate washing machines with different types of laundry will become the new trend in the future washing machine market.

Among these, there is no doubt that the district washing machine is a dark horse. Wen Jianping, chairman of Oviyun Network, pointed out that with the opening of the two-child policy and people's concern for the health of their families, more and more families are doing their laundry. Separate washing of baby and adult clothing is required to reduce cross infection.

For home appliance enterprises, partitioned washing machines are not only as simple as the vast market, but also have super-high premium capability. Wei Jun, general manager of Zhongyi Kang White Power Division, has calculated a sum of money. The market price for a single drum washing machine is about 4,000 yuan. Two washing machines cost 8, 000 yuan, compared with around 12,000 yuan for a zonal double-barrel washing machine, which means a premium of nearly 80.

Although the washing machine industry is growing steadily and slowly, enterprises should have a sense of crisis. Just like the white power giant, the sub-brands of Midea and Haier are at the height of their prosperity. The layout of "partitioned wash" markets in order not to "decline" the same. Insight into market demand, with new technologies and products to impress consumers, than to figure out "economic means," in order to get rich overnight a lot of the actual.