TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine: Five Features Of Pragmatic Innovation

- Apr 16, 2018-

Good looking: integrated Home Appliances optimize Home SpaceThe concept of consumption upgrading has permeated into various fields of life, embodied in household appliances. In the past, household appliances had a simple appearance and high similarity. Now younger consumers have the right to speak, and their living space is limited.Home space style is diverse, put forward new request to the appearance design of home appliance. TCL refrigerator washing machine first saw this trend, the exterior design of its series of variable-frequency air-cooled refrigerator is very simple, "years gold","streamer gold" and other texture highlights high-end fashion taste.

At the same time, TCL refrigerator also fully takes into account the needs of home space. TCL integrated frequency conversion cross four door air-cooled refrigerator and TCL integrated frequency conversion open air cooled refrigerator are all kitchen design, that is, beautiful and generous, and can optimize the home space.The extreme pursuit of design has won professional recognition for TCL refrigerator washing machines. Several of its products have won the Oscar-German International Design Awards in the field of design, as well as the "Industrial Design Award" of the National Institute of Home Appliances, etc.The design lead is verified.

Easy to use: intuitive, easy to operate and easy to understandInnovation must be people-oriented, many manufacturers often design a lot of complex procedures and operations for eye-catching, but eventually become the user's use pain point. TCL refrigerator washing machine adhering to the concept of pragmatic innovation,In order to let the consumer feel that the product is really good, for example, in the TCL integrated frequency conversion cross four door air-cooled refrigerator and TCL integrated frequency conversion French four door air cooling refrigerator border with blue crystal lines design, beautiful,It can also smoothly open the door of the refrigerator without lighting at night and set the control panel on the outside of the refrigerator with TCL special food materials to store air-cooled refrigerators. It can set different temperatures of different ingredients such as red wine by one click, and can automatically start the special section lamp of refrigerator special food materials.It is clear to access food materials by TCL that the open air-cooled refrigerator is designed with intermediate storage drawers, which is consistent with the height of the hands, and can be taken and stored without stooping. At the same time, it optimizes the use of space reasonably, and optimizes the space classification and storage in the eight major districts.Let soup pot, dish basin, large bucket beverage can also be put upright, very in line with Chinese usage.

Washing machine is also adhering to this concept TCL pollution-free bucket washing machine can be divided into large barrels and small barrels, barrel and bucket operation interface left and right partition, clear and easy to use; acrylic touch interface, smooth tactile quality experience, a touch, simple and clear operation;The rotary button is interactively designed, with sound and light reminders for each rotation, which will be extremely convenient.

High quality: covering every detail with the texture of the processThe home appliance industry is the facade of China's manufacturing industry, but the reality is that many manufacturers, due to factors such as cost, often use low-end materials where they can't be seen. In the long run,Only irrevocable damage to quality. TCL refrigerator washing machine strictly eliminates this problem in the product, always emphasizing process and quality in every detail.Take the TCL pollution-free type wave wheel washing machine as an example, its bottom wave wheel uses all stainless steel material, although the cost increases, but can guarantee the bottom smooth no dead angle, completely eliminates the dirt residue, during the research and development, the wave wheel buckle has used two prototypes,Running continuously for 6 months and 24 hours, more than 5000 repeated disassembly experiments were carried out before it was finally passed.

The strict pursuit of the process is also reflected in the TCL refrigerator products.In order to reduce energy consumption, the refrigerator development team used Honeywell Solstice liquid foaming agent (LBA) as the insulation material to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas effects, according to the report.Natural tourmaline ore is added to refrigerator to realize permanent self-releasing negative oxygen ion in whole space and AAT negative ion to keep fresh at any cost in order to create excellent quality.

Differentiation: revolutionary Technology brings New Life experienceAs a technology-driven industry, whether the brand of home appliances can continue to complete technological innovation to create a differentiated advantage, will become a competitive weapon. TCL refrigerator washing machine in recent years, the new products can be described as subversive industry.Washing machine products on the TCL washing machine continuously breakthrough pollution free technology innovation, for laundry secondary pollution, cross-pollution to provide a full pollution-free system solution, become the industry full pollution-free system solutions founder, pollution-free standards of the maker,The persistent innovator of washing machine-free technology shows new ways of healthy washing, protecting family health and passing on healthy life.

In refrigerator products, TCL continuously innovates the fresh storage technology of food materials, and creates an integrated variable frequency air cooling technology to create the exclusive fresh space for the storage of food materials, and opens the age of intelligent air-cooled fresh food materials.Compared with the traditional air-cooled refrigerator, a variable-frequency air-cooled refrigerator has the advantages of fast refrigeration, small temperature difference, super energy saving and low noise.Taking the wisdom wind, one of its core technologies, as an example, the traditional air cooling has right angles and blind areas, the preservation period is short and the energy consumption is high and noise is high. The wisdom wind eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional direct cold air and can automatically perceive the temperature change.In the case that the user often takes food repeatedly to change the temperature inside the refrigerator, the intelligent wind can adjust the temperature in different regions of the refrigerator in real time, avoid the temperature difference, and have better fresh-keeping effect.

High performance-price ratio: to enhance user experience with greater added valueIn the traditional concept of consumption, mass consumption is more inclined to choose products with high cost-performance ratio, which means low price.Nowadays, with the upgrading of consumption and the gradual fall behind in price factors, high performance-price ratio means good quality and low price, and it can bring consumers a series of value-added benefits and more experience of a really good life. The washing machine, TCL refrigerator washing machine, is going through a series of details.The humanized design innovation, with the innovation technology presents the extreme high-end experience, manifests the high-performance price-ratio competitive advantage.

The international business community is popular with the saying: third-class enterprises sell strength, second-rate enterprises sell products, first-class enterprises sell technology, super-class enterprises sell standards.From innovative products to revolutionary technologies, to the industry's new standard, TCL refrigerator washing machines, under the guidance of "pragmatic innovation", they constantly break through themselves. The charm of this kind of product is bound to emerge at the IFA booth.In the future will also represent the big country brand to go after the international.