Washing Machine Daily Care

- Jul 01, 2017-

In today's smart era, a lot of home appliances have a self-protection function. Sometimes the electrical does not work, not a failure, but because of our use of improper or external causes. Therefore, in the course of the use, when the washing machine to implement protection, should be noted. Common protection is the following.


   1, water overtime protection. Automatic washing machine water time is generally 15min, if for some reason to make the water overtime, and did not reach the scheduled water level, the microcomputer issued a directive, so that the inlet valve coil power, stop the water. At this point, should check whether the water pressure is too low, the inlet pipe is blocked, troubleshooting and then boot.

    2, drainage overtime protection. Automatic washing machine drainage time is generally 4 to 6 minutes, if this time the drainage can not be reduced to a certain water level, microcomputer will issue instructions to stop drainage, suggesting that drainage time-out information, so as not to drain the motor or drain solenoid coil for a long time power and burn The At this point should check whether the drainage pipe is blocked, the drainage is placed too high position.

    3, dehydration unbalance protection. Washing machine in the dehydration, if the barrel of clothing placed uneven and imbalance, a strong centrifugal force will produce vibration and noise, or even collision caused damage. Microcomputer will issue instructions to correct bias 1 to 3 times, if the correction is invalid, microcomputer will implement the protection of downtime, and through the operation panel to display specific symbols. At this point, should open the door to manually put the clothes placed evenly.

    4, open the lid to protect. Washing machine in the dehydration operation, in order to prevent the hand into the damage caused by the need to close the cover. If the operator forgets to shut the machine cover, the washing machine will stop running and alarm. At this point, simply turn off the cover.

    5, motor overheating protection. Automatic washing machine main motor is equipped with automatic reset overheating protection, the general set the power temperature of 125 degrees, the reset temperature of 90 degrees, if for some reason the motor temperature is too high, the protector is powered off to stop the motor Running. At this point should be identified after the cause of excessive heat, and then boot.

    6, automatic shutdown power protection. Automatic washing machine after the end of the washing, the buzzer will issue a tweet prompts the operator to cut off the power. If the operator forget to disconnect the circuit, the washing machine will automatically cut off the circuit after about 5 minutes to avoid accidents.