Household Appliance Industry Issues 0001 Characteristic Certification TCL Non-fouling Washing Machine Certificate

- Apr 03, 2018-

In fact, TCL's anti-fouling technology has been officially approved for many times. Not long ago, the China Institute of Home Appliances carried out solid stain removal rates for TCL pollution-free drum washing machines and TCL pollution-free wave wheel washing machines.The inspection of microbial contamination exemption rate item, the inspection result of the inspection item conforms to the standard requirement.As early as March of this year, the China Light Industry Federation carried out a scientific and technological appraisal of the TCL pollution-free wave wheel washing machine, the pollution-free drum washing machine, and the classified washing technology in the barrel. The appraisal committee considered that the project technology reached the international leading level.It was agreed that the application and popularization of the technology should be further expanded.

A series of honours are the best proof of the maturity and leadership of the TCL pollution-free technology. Behind the achievements, it is the growth course of the brand to adhere to pragmatic innovation and achieve brand development with technology.At the same time, it also promotes the high-end transformation and development of washing machine industry.

User-oriented Innovation not only to build Endogenous CompetitivenessIn the current field of China's ice washing industry, the voice of decline and optimism has not stopped. Although the rapid development of household appliances in the rural areas can no longer be replicated, the market demand and industrial structure,Major changes are taking place in both the business model and the consumption demand model, and the ice wash industry still has great potential for development.For enterprises and brands, at such a stage of slow growth, the most important thing is to build endogenous competitiveness for sustainable development.That is, the customer-oriented innovation to adhere to practical innovation TCL washing machine is the brand following this development strategy.

From 2013, TCL Group invested heavily to promote the white electricity strategy, to establish Hefei ice washing industry park by 2015,In 2016, a revolutionary new product, the TCL refrigerator washing machine, was launched one after another. The "super speed" achieved the brand's leap forward. The TCL pollution-free washing machine series has not only solved the problem of user pain and has been welcomed by the consumer market since it was launched.In addition, it has been unanimously affirmed by the industry that TCL has become the founder of a full-scale pollution-free system solution from solving the secondary pollution of laundry to the solution of cross-contamination of clothing, and has promoted the development of the industry to a new era of healthy laundry.For the development of the industry into a new vitality and passion.

Output high-end differentiated products lead the industry demand-side transformationIn fact, TCL ice-washed products not only continuously introduce new products of technological innovation, but also incorporate more humanized design concepts into the products, so as to create more cost-effective products with higher value-added products, and use products to drive brand development.Leading the industry to further complete the transformation of the demand side.Take the TCL non-fouling bucket washing machine as an example, its big bucket and small bucket operation interface is left and right partition, clear and easy to use, rotating button is interactive design, each rotation is equipped with sound and light reminder, to create a real convenient and practical products.

Analysts believe that after a series of unfavorable factors, such as fluctuations in scale, soaring prices of raw materials, price competition, and so on, the ecological environment of the ice washing industry is now evolving in a good direction.Ice wash enterprises are gradually completing their own changes and adjustments, restructuring the market pattern.There is no worse environment, only a powerless brand, rooted in users, gradually develop a unique competitiveness of the TCL washing machine will stand out in this round of development.