Us Imposes High Tariffs On Some Brands Of Washing Machines Made In China

- May 09, 2018-

ITC's unanimous vote has decided to impose a maximum of 52.5% tariffs on these products. The tariff will remain for 5 years, but Samsung Electronics and LG electronics have basically shifted the US market oriented production business from China to Thailand and Vietnam.

Whirlpool is in the latest in a long-running tariff battle with its South Korean rivals. In 2012, a Commerce Department investigation ruled that Samsung and LG washing machines made in South Korea and Mexico were sold in the United States at below-cost prices. Or get unfair subsidies. The two South Korean manufacturers then moved their production operations to the US market to China.

At a ITC hearing on December 7, lawyers for LG and Samsung said the two companies are currently producing washing machines for U.S. markets in Thailand and Vietnam. Samsung's production in the two countries began in June 2016, and about a month later, the Commerce Department imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese-made LG and Samsung washing machines.