Gong Yinqi: The Three Proposition Of The Chinese Washing Machine Industry

- Apr 20, 2018-

Unlike the gaokao in the sense of entrance examination, the gaokao in China's home appliance industry lasted far more than three days, not three months, but at least a few years. As an enterprise, it is inevitable to face the cruel knockout stage, especially in the background of weak economic development, since it has put into the open competition in the market. On this point, in the center of the competition storm QiShuai Electric has a very profound experience.

On July 8, 2017, Qishuai Electric Appliances held a marketing summit in Ningbo for the year 2017. Together with more than 1000 dealers, we discussed the current domestic and external economic situation, the development of washing machine industry, and marketing policies. New products promotion and other important topics, and guests in-depth discussion. As chairman of the company, Gong Yinqi not only attended the whole meeting, but also took the time in a busy schedule and gave an exclusive interview to the media.

"the environment facing China's manufacturing industry has undergone profound changes." Gong Yinqi stressed, "in terms of the external environment, when the 'Black Swan incident' such as Trump's coming to power and Britain's Brexit appears in turn, Chinese enterprises will face a more complex foreign trade situation; from the perspective of the internal environment, With the end of policies such as home appliances going to the countryside in 2013, the domestic home appliance market entered a downturn and adjustment period, with overall sales falling significantly. 2017, the home appliance market not only did not recover, but has a more difficult trend. Raw material prices skyrocketed, corporate costs soared, and many of our peers felt great pressure. How to develop under heavy pressure how to take off? This is a test question in front of every household appliance enterprise. "

If the mall is considered as an examination room, so far, Qi Shuai is a good candidate. For more than 10 years, Qi Shuai not only grows rapidly, from a small workshop with only seven or eight people, and has become a large enterprise with 3000 employees and a number of billion yuan in output value, and the production and manufacturing ability of the washing machine is in the forefront of the industry. Strong, nearly 100 products to the market every year, the strange "dazzle color washing machine" has led the trend of the industry, in recent years, the introduction of the voice washing machine, ultraviolet sterilization washing machine, self cleaning, I cloud intelligent washing, mother's love washing machine, 360 degrees through the washing machine, and so on, all created a good performance. Especially worth mentioning, strange is In the industry, a number of enterprises that have maintained growth for more than 10 years have maintained stable and close cooperation with customers such as Qi Shuai and agents.

Even with brilliant achievements, however, in Gong Yinqi's mind, the crisis is still at hand.

"Doing business must always keep the sense of crisis, and the string in mind must never relax. Only with its high standards, strict requirements, continuous improvement of its own strength and the state of fighting at any time, it is possible to win the final victory." in Gong Yinqi's view, the current washing machine enterprises are facing three key propositions:

The first is the profit problem .

The longer the economic situation , the more important the profit is to the enterprise . In the past , when the economic situation is good , many enterprises seek to be big , and indeed give the enterprise a great competitive advantage . However , when the economic situation is bad , the company is very keen to see the problem , and does not seek to be bigger , but must be done strong ! On the other hand , Chesterai has made adjustment to the existing product line structure , has made a reasonable product line plan ; on the other hand , Chesterai has strengthened the interface between the various systems by combing the ports such as the sales end , the purchasing end , the manufacturing end and the like , improving the accuracy of the production plan , reducing the waste and saving the cost .

The second is the channel problem. Household appliances industry has always advocated "channel as king", channel in the industrial chain occupies an important position. Nowadays, the rise of online and offline diversified channels, the conflicts between channels, the ratio of input to output in channels and the long-term strategic planning of channels have become important factors to balance the future development prospects of enterprises. QiShuai has always regarded the development of off-line channel customers as one of the most important work of the enterprise. The reason is that in the most difficult year of 2017, Qishuai invested more than 20 million more channels under the line in order to enhance the quality and scale of the offline channels. Maximize the potential and utility of channels.

The third is the brand question. With the continuous deepening of supply-side reform and industrial transformation and upgrading, the future competition is bound to be the competition of brand strength. In fact, he noticed the problem early, and continued to invest steadily in the brand. Sponsoring the CBA League, inviting Chen Hao to "Sweet Song Queen" Yang Yuying's endorsement, creating "137worry-free after-sales service" and other initiatives are constantly contributing to the wonderful brand building. 2017, QiShuai once again made a major adjustment in brand strategy, from multi-brand development line to "focus" brand, focusing on the two major brands-QiShuai and Fuji Mountain. To this end, QiShuai in advertising, promotion, promotion, terminal and other resources, are focused on the two major brands. QiShuai also through the "252 Project" construction, to create and train the core dealers of the main brand, so that the brand more solid foundation, with a more powerful competitiveness.

"from the initial start, development, growth, to become the domestic washing machine world top five, QiShuai experienced numerous tests, we have successfully come out. Although today's market competition is extremely fierce, but QiShuai is confident to win this war, so that agents, dealers and other partners with QiShuai enjoy the final success. " Gong Yinqi sonorous and forceful response.

After a brief media exchange, Gong Yinqi returned to the bustling venue of more than 1000 people and had a lively conversation with many agents who had cooperated for more than a decade. From his busy but bright face, the control of the status quo and confidence in the future are fully revealed.