The Washing Machine Industry Will Present Four Main Trends In The Future

- Mar 22, 2018-

At present, washing machines, refrigerators and other household appliances categories have ended their popularization period, and are in the process of being upgraded. The demand for household appliances quality has risen to a new height. At this critical moment, "improving product quality" is becoming a national strategy. These four trends not only conform to consumers' demand for high-quality products, but also play a key role in guiding the brand strength of the whole washing machine industry. Transition quality economy also pointed out the direction.

Specifically, under the influence of objective factors such as water shortage, lack of electricity, and improvement of housing conditions in our country, the washing machine industry will in the future upgrade its products in such aspects as "water saving, electricity saving, noise reduction, large capacity and environmental friendliness." In particular, the "small volume and large capacity" in the environment of limited use will become the focus of the future upgrading of the washing machine industry. However, with the improvement of living standards, the washing machine users have put forward higher demand for the operation boundary of the washing machine. In this situation, Washing machine by electrical transformer mesh, the realization of intelligent interconnection will be the general trend.

In terms of the "safety and reliability" of the basic requirements of the washing machine, this paper focuses on the reliable operation of the whole machine in the course of the current user's use, that is, how to ensure the stable operation of the washing machine through structural design and material selection. The new generation motor technology, represented by direct drive drive technology, will lead to consumption upgrade with quieter user experience, which will become an important embodiment of "safety and reliability" in the current era.

At the same time, the conference also believes that improving the user laundry experience and creating a quality life for users will be another trend in the future development of the washing machine industry. The application of spaceflight class laser seamless welding technology to washing machine industry is proof. The requirement of modern users for washing machine is not only to clean clothes, but also to protect clothes. For this reason, washing machine industry should be "healthy, easy to clean, easy to operate, easy to operate". Care clothing "and other aspects of the overall upgrade, can continue to meet the rapidly changing needs of users."