From IPhoneX To The Trend Of Big Consumption At The High End Of The Washing Machine

- Apr 06, 2018-

Fans are looking forward to the iPhoneX finally unveiling the mystery, for this 10th anniversary special edition, the average consumer will not have to dwell on the numerous evaluation, just remember three keywords: face brush, wireless, large screen.There has been too much spoiler for the face recognition and wireless charging technology represented by the first two, and Apple's determination to break through itself in the pursuit of a full-screen renunciation of the iconic home key has been breathtaking.It'seems that in the pursuit of "big" road, Apple designers have reached a broad consensus.

Farewell home key iPhoneX full screen is more amazing

In the current global household appliances and electronic consumer market, the "big screen" trend is becoming more and more intense. From the 120 inch large screen color TV to the iPhoneX after the "home" button is removed, the user's desire for "big" forces the company to explore the limit of product performance.

Take this high-profile iPhoneX as an example. In addition to the Face IDs, the product has a powerful augmented reality function of a stand-up dual-camera dual-optical anti-shake device, an A11 bionic processor such as a wireless charging device, and almost covers the full 5.8-inch overall screen on the front.It distinguishes the iPhoneX from the previous iPhone6 and iPhone 7, especially since Apple's iconic Touch ID round home key is no longer available, but instead of Face ID facial recognition.Arguably, these improvements are the most intuitive difference between iPhoneX and the rest of the iPhone. While the size and feel of the iPhoneX are similar to those of the previous 4.7-inch iPhone, the screen size is comparable to that of the 5.5-inch product, with a higher level of visual impact and experience.

Break through the limit of washing and drying space, the trend of "big" trend of high-end washing machineThe pursuit of "Big" is not confined to the field of electronic consumption. It has been reported that the leading brand of domestic washing machines is about to launch a high-end duplex washing machine known for its super washing and drying capacity, initially named the Beverly Duplex washing Machine.And is expected to be officially launched on September 18 th.If the "full-screen" mobile phone meets the need for clarity, then the mass washing machine is meant to free the user from heavy laundry work.People who do housework often have similar experience. Coats and underwear, clothing of adults and babies, and clothes of different colors or materials must be washed in batches, otherwise, problems such as crossover and cross-infection may occur.In addition, heavy sheets, covers, curtains, and so on often need a piece of washing, these have virtually increased the intensity of the user's housework.It is obvious that it is the necessity of super-capacity laundry and the practical need of partition washing that promote the development of duplex washing machine.

As a duplex washing machine, the Duplex washing Machine with "3kg Wheel 12kg Roller" has a 15kg total capacity designed to far exceed the average large washing machine, using the upper and lower partition design of the "3kg Wheel 12kg Roller".According to most sheets or three pieces covered in 3-4 catties, even these large pieces wash together.In addition, this product also solves the limitation that ordinary large capacity can not wash single piece of clothing, through the partition design, than the Foley "big" duplex washing machine's large cleaning area can reach the 12kg large capacity.It is much larger than the 8kg capacity of the common duplex washing machine.At the same time, the drying area capacity can reach 8 kg, which is twice as high as the market mainstream 4kg drying capacity.From the iPhoneX to the Beverly Duplex washing Machine, the sharp capture of the pain point in the consumer market allows these high-end products to choose a larger and more complete path of development, thus allowing consumers to enjoy a higher quality of life.Of course, "big" is not an end. How to bring the most convenience and enjoyment to the users under the premise of the least time and energy, this is the ultimate problem of the enterprise.