The Matthew Effect In The Washing Machine Industry In China

- Mar 16, 2018-

According to the 49-week washing machine sales data released by Yikang, an authoritative market research organization, Haier's market share is as high as 33.2%, ranking first steadily, with the second and third brands accounting for 18.1% and 13.9. it can be seen that, Haier's market share of washing machines is bigger than the combined market share of two or three, and it is in the lead. And Haier accounts for six of the top 10 models of washing machines by sales.

It is worth noting that Haier has also performed well in the two major segments of the market, namely, bobwheels and rollers. In the market, the overall share of Haier washing machines is as high as 41.2 percent, up 9.60%.4000 yuan from the same period last year. Haier's share ratio is 61.4%, which is more than 2 times of the second place in the price range of 3000-4000 yuan. Haier accounts for 63.3%.3 times, and is nearly four times second. In the drum market, Haier's washing machine market share is 30.3 percent, and the price range above 10,000 yuan ranks first with a market share of 67.4% .

In the washing machine industry overall into the slow lane of the environment, brand advantage can still maintain a rapid pace of development, this is the fundamental reason of Matthew effect. "Haier washing machine as an example, the accurate capture consumer intelligence, upgrading the health benefits, such as the development of new opportunities for quiet washing, to poor alienation, personalized products, the needs of users. The direct drive washing machine as an example, Haier replaced the traditional belt motor direct drive motor, direct drive rotary inner cylinder, solves the problem of easy loosening belt motor noise due to aging, from the source of noise, bring the ultimate quiet and steady care experience for the user.

At present, Haier washing machine has five R & D centers in the world, gathering leading global resources to provide technical support for product innovation. The direct-drive frequency conversion motor is the joint research and development of Haier washing Machine and New Zealand National Treasure Brand Fisher&Paykel, thus creating a new trend of "quiet washing." as of October 31st 2017, according to some data, in the domestic invention patent disclosure volume of the washing machine industry, Haier ranked first in the industry with 1,750, 1.34 times second place. Meanwhile, Haier Group has 33 seats in the world among the expert seats in the International Standards Organization, while Haier Group has just four seats in the second place by Chinese brands.

At present, the washing machine market has entered a new stage of product structure upgrading and promoting differentiated competition with technological innovation. Technological innovation and product iteration have become the key to the reverse trend of washing machines. Haier washing machines have always focused on users and developed high-quality products such as direct-drive washing machines, no-cleaning machines and top-open washing machines. For the industry and enterprise transformation and upgrading to make an example.