The Birth Of The First Master Master Washing Machine In The World

- Apr 09, 2018-

What kind of washing machine is this, and what are the innovations that have attracted global attention?It turns out that the washing machine, known as the world's first master washing machine, is a secret weapon developed by Hisense-a three-pronged washing machine with a large drum wash and two corrugated cylinders.The three washing areas do not interfere with each other, control each other in cooperation, and merge together organically, and realize the three zones laundry without increasing the placed area.It is such a design, has completely solved the consumer has been puzzling the problem of different clothing classification washing.Product first-class industrial quality, no matter the appearance decoration or internal structure can stand up to scrutiny.Meticulous workmanship, even a small part of the washing machine, designers can also develop its functions to the extreme.

China, Korea, Germany, the three design teams carefully built, taste the art of the ultimate eleganceHome appliance design emphasizes not only quality, but also function, touch, ergonomics and environmental protection.As the main melody, rhythm, harmony, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, and rhythm together constitute a piece of music, each component of harmony, harmony determines whether the tune is pleasant to the ear.Master Master washing machine from China, Korea, Germany three top design team to build, in the design of the discovery of extreme art, from the science and technology insight into the aesthetics of life, Hisense Master Master wash series of the world's first three-barrel washing machine,Won 2017 "IFA product technology innovation award design innovation gold award", master's work, stunning Berlin, honor coronation, worthy of the name!

The Transboundary Top Technology, from the Technical inspiration of Automotive Mechanical PowerKing, a dynamics expert from South Korea, is an expert on shock mitigation for the project.More than a year ago, his first reaction to the master's drawings was how to get the machine to run around with three cylinders.In his view, the two cylinders added above must cause the center of gravity to move up, and the centrifugal force created between the two cylinders makes the whole washing machine swing.This is estimated to be a hundred years of washing machine design in multiple barrels of a major problem, even hindered the shape of the washing machine innovation.King and his team started bionic design, even considering dozens of paths."the distance between the barrel wall and the fuselage is 15 mm, but the centrifugal force is as high as 300 kg."Faced with these data, King, who has worked in the automotive industry for many years, suddenly has a sense of deja vu. Isn't this the damping system between the two tires of the car?On the one hand, the team immediately determined the direction, broke the shock absorption mode in the industry, introduced across the border the shock absorber structure of the automobile industry, and added an auxiliary shock absorber on the basis of the traditional main shock absorber, so that the upper and lower three cylinders would be suspended and isolated while in operation.The uniform scattering force can achieve the best balance of the whole, even if the three cylinders turn at the same time, they are still standing still, and the roller displacement is even less than 0.1 mm..

Originality forward design and manufacture, commander of the three motors

Zhu Guosheng, the deputy general manager of the washing machine business department of the refrigerator company, is the leader of the three barrel project. He thinks that the most difficult part of the product is shock absorption, which is the control and treatment of the three motors. It involves mechanics, structure, software control and other fields.

According to the prototype, the Hisense Master master washing machine in addition to increasing the height of a point beyond the base area and a washing machine. There is no difference between the three motor in such a small space can not influence each other? And the three cylinder intake should be controlled independently, without mutual interference is not easy.

To this end, Zhu Guosheng led the team to think about the industry has never tried a three-barrel zonal drive, and finally selected in a washing machine with three independent operating DD frequency conversion motor, the realization of three-barrel independent operation.The base area of the washing machine is no different from that of an ordinary washing machine.The three motors do not affect each other in such a small space.At the same time, the three washing areas water drainage independent control, non-interference, the real accurate classification of washing.

Because the washing machine is the first, no reference is needed to design for Hisense washing machine R & D team, every problem is a world-class problem in the industry. The system is more complex, more problems need to be solved, in order to optimize the user experience, need to constantly optimize the design. It is understood that only two a barrel of the clamshell design after several revisions, the backup file has more than 20 G.

From the exterior design to the interior design, the washing machine is all the best. The operation is convenient, fine, and the handle is all new.

According to Hisense washing machine development director Zhu Guosheng, Hisense attaches great importance to technology research and development.Not only introduced many experts from home and abroad, but also paid great attention to the training of their own experts. At present, a systematic talent echelon has been established.Many achievements have been made in large capacity, intelligence, health wash and protection, vibration noise, energy saving and environmental protection, frequency conversion control and so on.The launch of the master washing machine is the result of Hisense's consumer-centered technology.