Leading Technology Innovation TCL Washing Machine Gets The First Characteristic Certification Of Home Appliance Industry

- Apr 01, 2018-

Decades of blight on the industry's efforts to tackle secondary pollution

For many years, in order to solve the problem of secondary pollution of laundry, people tried everything from various angles. Consumers handed the washing machine over and over again to the after-sale machine to clean up, but the end of each cleanup was completed. They are the starting point for washing machines once again to hide dirt; others also provide their own washing machines with special cleaners, which can only wash away some of the dirt on the fuselage, and the chemicals in the cleaning agents may also corrode the inner barrels.

Washing machine manufacturers have also put forward a variety of technical concepts with self-cleaning functions. Some washing machines have their own high-temperature disinfection function, although they can effectively kill molds, they can also keep the washing machines dry through air-drying procedures to prevent metal corrosion. Some washing machines add a rubber ball between the inside and outside buckets to clean them by rubbing the balls between the inside and outside buckets. Although this method can effectively reduce the possibility of dirt attached to the inside and outside of the washing machine, it does not guarantee that every corner of the inside and outside barrel wall will be cleaned.

For a long time, washing machine products have been upgraded and their functions have become more and more comprehensive, but they have never been able to solve the problem of secondary pollution caused by technical defects. In recent years, TCL Group has introduced a number of pollution-free washing machines. The establishment of an industry-free system solution for this industry for many years of embarrassment.