Single Cold Air-conditioning Fan Purchasing Guide

- May 02, 2017-

1. To see the product manufacturer, address, telephone is complete; Check whether the certificate is complete (certificate, warranty card, use manual); Electrical products must have the Great Wall electrician safety signs, otherwise is unqualified products.

2. Outlet air volume is large enough, check when standing at 3 meters away, should be able to feel the apparent air volume.

3. If the air-conditioning fan, should be asked to clear whether its heating material is PTC semiconductor ceramic heating materials.

4. Check the cooling mode for which one. Air-conditioning fan the first generation of products for the curtain rolling cooling, and then spray-type water cycle technology become mainstream, this year is better than the use of ice-crystal storage air-conditioning fan, so that can minimize the air temperature.

5. If the air-conditioning fan has anion oxygen bar function and photocatalyst materials, can be used to dust filtration and purification of indoor air, more in line with the requirements of health and environmental protection.