Panasonic Washing Machine Is Hard To Break Under Heavy Pressure

- Apr 24, 2018-

According to introduction, the single products released by Panasonic are respectively Romeo series washing machines, Ajiejing series wave wheel washing machines, Taiwan original foam net wave washing machines, which have the functions of photo-silver sterilizing 95 degrees high temperature sterilization, barrel self-purification, and so on. Protect the health of the user's clothing in all directions.

Although Panasonic washing machines have performed well in the measurement of power consumption and water consumption, some people in the industry say that the pursuit of saving electricity and saving water at the expense of cleaning effect is blind, and that in terms of product quality, the cost is not to the bottom.

The concept of health is not the first to be proposed by Panasonic. Prior to the introduction of TCL's pollution-free washing machine, an innovative full-sealing barrel structure was adopted, which can clean the design of all-steel wave wheel and the whole steel bucket bottom, and solve the problem of dirt hiding and heavy metal rust remaining inside the traditional wave wheel washing machine. The same emphasis is placed on the idea of health. Little Swan also launched this year's "clean monarch" washing machine, from the point of view of aseptic washing, the introduction of "whole cabin bacteriostasis technology," from the "invisible clean" point of view to achieve the whole process of laundry aseptic.