Open Cabinet Aesthetics New Idea Of Panasonic Washing Machine Cuble Royal Platinum Series Gome First

- Apr 02, 2018-

Breaking Design imprison and opening New thinking of Cabinet Aesthetics

Since 2018, the washing machine market has entered a consolidation period due to factors such as low market demand and continuous cooling of real estate demand. According to AVC, the forecast data of AVC shows that in 2018, the market retail sales of washing machines were 74.3 billion yuan. Growth of 3.5%, retail sales of 37.3 million units, growth of 1.1%. With market growth slowing and products highly saturated, structural adjustment and product upgrading become the only way to develop the washing machine industry.

Hu Jinxi, marketing director of Hangzhou Matsushita Home Appliances Co., said that as functional appliances, the traditional washing machines in the past often ignored the appearance design, resulting in the stereotyped impression of the products.Also caused the consumer's "aesthetic fatigue."The innovation of the Panasonic cabinet washing machine Cuble's platinum series is that it combines artistry with practicality. Whether it is placed in the bathroom, balcony, kitchen, or in the living room, it can be used as a piece of art.And with the integration of modern home furnishings, bring users quality and taste of the dual satisfaction.

In this regard, Beijing Ovid cloud network data Polytron Technologies Inc President Wen Jianping also fully affirmed, he believes that with the upgrading of consumption and product technology development, high-end washing machine, personalized trend will become more apparent. To design structure of saturated condition, in the traditional washing machine market, a new breakthrough in industrial design, an important breakthrough will stimulate the washing machine may become a new round of growth.

New definition of High-end Home Appliances by injecting Art Gene

Compared with ordinary washing machines, the greatest highlight of the new Cuble platinum-resistant series of Panasonic washing machines is the adoption of an integrated cabinet door design, which upgrades the common "open windows" of drum washing machines to "open the door" to "open the door", so as to facilitate the collection and handling of clothes at the same time. At the same time, the flat cabinet design, with ultra-slim body 585mm ultra-thin fuselage, does not occupy space and is placed freely. In addition, the machine is equipped with 38 inches crystal drill super-flat toughened glass. Equipped with the pupil LED large aperture and optical 7-inch TFT touch screen, easy observation, simple operation, full of technology.

In addition to the subversive design, the Panasonic cabinet washing machine Cuble platinum-resistant new products are equipped with high-end features that match their product positioning.In health care, the washing machine equipped with Care health net care system, can achieve odour, bacteria, mites and other multiple functions, fully meet the health care needs of modern families.In the aspect of intelligent washing, the app remote intelligent control system enables users to send orders to the washing machine remotely through their mobile phones and make the washing machine have a smart mind and know the water temperature and clothing materials better than the owner.Super capacity drying makes the weather and season no longer affect the quality of life, even the Meiyu weather can enjoy the convenience of washing and drying.

Hand in hand with Gome to launch a popular campaign for high-end new products

While actively promoting the new products, Panasonic washing machine has further strengthened its strategic cooperation with Gome in the field of channels.Kim Liang, general manager of Gome Retail holding Company, said Panasonic washing machines, as an internationally renowned brand, have long been trusted and supported by Chinese consumers.Panasonic washing machine, in particular, attaches importance to quality, which is consistent with the quality consumption advocated by Gome.As the leading home appliance retail channel in China, Gome has more than 1600 physical stores, strong supply chain and logistics channel, with Internet big data and cloud computing as the backstage technology guarantee.Will provide strong support for Panasonic washing machine new product promotion.

Xu Dongsheng, vice president of the China Home Appliances Association, said that the artistry of household appliances is based on product maturity and technological upgrading, and is the result of continuous progress in industrial design.The Panasonic cabinet washing machine Cuble platinum-resistant series, from the angle of artistic aesthetics, has not only broken the shackles of the design of traditional washing machines and met the current demand of Chinese consumers for high-end household appliances, but also innovated and developed for the washing machine industry.Differential breakthrough provides a new way.