JingDong Teamed Up With Sanyo To Launch A Magic9 Washing Machine

- Mar 27, 2018-

In fact, the ability to wash mobile is only a manifestation of the Magic9 washing machine's "ozone sterilizing" health laundry function, which is why the Magic9 washing machine is also known as the "superoxide" washing machine. It can sterilize these unwashable articles by ozone. The rate of killing bacteria is as high as 99%, so as to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases such as influenza.

We all know that ozone( O3) is a powerful oxidant that destroys the cell walls that break down bacteria and quickly spreads through the cells to kill bacterial viruses. This new type of Magic9 washing machine uses the bactericidal characteristics of ozone to create the function of "ozone sterilizing washing". It makes use of the ozone generator inside the washing machine to produce ozone, and disinfects clothes and so on in a short period of time. And after the completion of sterilization automatically converted to oxygen, more environmental protection.

In addition to sterilizing, the effective removal of odors is also one of the powerful functions of Magic9. Wool sweaters and woolen coats, which are shelved for a winter, will have a bad smell, but there are no stains on their own, and frequent cleaning will reduce their lifespan; after a party, The suit is full of alcohol and tobacco, and cannot be washed to a dry cleaner. It takes time and effort. The ozone function of the Sanyo Magic9 series washing machine can be completely solved. In a few minutes, clothing can enjoy a "superoxide spa," which gives off the smell of grass.

As a healthy washing machine, Magic9 not only has bacteriostasis, but also has anti-mites function in addition to odour.

In our daily life, we often ignore the cleaning of bedding such as pillow towels and quilts, but this is exactly where the mites gather. It is a time when dust mites are common in the changing season. They tend to be aimed at young babies and hide in pillow towels, bedding, and sheets. It is difficult to eliminate cleanliness. According to incomplete statistics, dust mite hypersensitivity in children with allergic rhinitis is as high as 80 percent, so cleaning up bedding is particularly important. The ozone gas released by Sanyo Magic9 series washing machines is inactivated against mites and other living organisms. Effectively solve the problem of mites breeding, not only clean and sanitary, but also a faint smell of sunlight.

Of course, returning to the nature of the washing machine, Magic9 also has a strong decontamination power.

First, Sanyo Magic9 series washing machines have a unique soaking function. They can choose to soak their clothes before washing, and consumers can choose the soaking time according to the degree of dirty clothing, so as to thoroughly solve the stubborn stains. Give you a dress that is as clean as new.

Second, for different clothing fabrics, different cleaning methods have been set up, 12 new laundry procedures, quick washing, wool, self-knitting, cotton and linen, etc. are added to meet the diversified washing needs of young consumers. In the face of a large number of laundry, The instant washing function can quickly increase the washing speed. The dissolution rate is 5 times that of the ordinary washing machine. The amount of washing powder is reduced by 30%, and no matter how much clothing is washed, the laundry powder residue is eliminated and clothes are taken care of. For the humid and hot environment in the south, Sanyo Magic9 series washing machine introduced intelligent timing drying function, unlike ordinary washing machine drying, consumers can choose drying time at will, the minimum 30 minutes, the highest 240 minutes, to ensure clothing drying efficiency, really dry clothes stop. Drying quickly can also reduce the pile of clothing plush, making clothes more flat and stylish.

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