How To Do Health Washing

- May 02, 2017-

It has been proven that textiles washed in cold water or less than 60 ° C can carry infectious pathogens and contaminate the entire washing process, and many pathogens can even survive in dry environments such as salmonella, hepatitis A virus and rotavirus.

Once the virus is transmitted by dirty clothes, it can cause diarrhea, wound infection, respiratory tract infections and other diseases, endangering human health, therefore, washing clothing should follow the following three laws, to ensure that the dirty clothes of bacteria are effectively cleared.

1. Washing clothes, linen, towels, flannel and other textiles at elevated temperatures (above 60 ° C) can be recommended for the use of clothing disinfectants to kill pathogens if they are washed at low temperatures.

2. In order to reduce the risk of washing machines carrying pathogens, it is recommended that the washing machines be properly washed under the hottest water temperature and that the surface of dirty clothes should be disinfected appropriately to prevent transmission of infection within the family, especially when the family is ill.

3. Dry cleaning as soon as possible to prevent pathogens in moist environment reproduction.