Hisense Washing Machine Spanish Market Success Made In China Selling Overseas

- Mar 29, 2018-

The rising market share of Hisense washing machines has benefited from Hisense's unremitting adherence to the high-end strategy, focusing on high-end products and core channels, enhancing the brand image and market average price, and complying with the perfect transformation from the middle and low end to the high end of the market. Constantly develop chain channels, from small stores to large chain. In products, adhere to the high-end strategy, with large volume, multi-category products as the fist, gradually set up a rapid market response in the industry, the products beautiful and advanced, Reliable quality, high performance-to-price good reputation, the promotion of brand image to form a pull.

Since Hisense formally entered the Spanish company in 2013, Hisense has developed into a synonym for high-end brands in Spain. Hisense washing Machine has reached an important strategic cooperation with Carrefour, a large Spanish electrical appliance chain channel, to speed up its entry into the Spanish home appliance market with the brand customization strategy, to continue to expand the 10kg high-end product lineup up and to increase the sales volume of 8kg products downwards. Through a series of initiatives, it has received a good sales response. Through the deep cooperation with Carrefour, Hisense washing machine will be upgraded from a simple product provider to a combination of the Spanish market and consumer demand. To create exclusive customized products for the Spanish market.

Hisense, as a brand of global development, naturally cannot be limited to domestic development. In recent years, Hisense washing machines have accelerated the layout of overseas markets, and export sales have continued to grow at a high speed, with footprints throughout Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. France and other countries. Since Hisense established its high-end and international development strategy, Hisense has spread its brand influence by sponsoring international well-known events such as the European Championships and the Australian Open, on the one hand, and on the other hand, has constantly strengthened its own capabilities. With the development of customization strategy, it is believed that Hisense washing machine will seek a wider international market in the future.