Take Care Of Baby Start From Clothes Hisense Washing Machine Launch Theme Lecture

- Jun 01, 2018-

Recently, domestic well-known household appliance brand Hisense washing machine officially launched a series of activities to give back to consumers under the theme of # Baby Care Program #. At the end, Hisense washing machine in the care of infants and children to remove the health of the unique efficacy of a number of high-end waterfall wash products, buy send New year's Gift bag. At the same time, Hisense washing machine crossed the border with good children, on Weibo WeChat launched a 100-step healthy baby recruitment campaign to provide hot mother with health care tips. In addition, Hisense washing machine also launched the # Baby Care Program # theme lecture to bring professional, comprehensive child care knowledge to the current hot and hot parents.

It is reported that as the host of the # Baby Care Program # theme lecture, Hisense washing machine will give a vivid and detailed introduction to the newly developed professional washing and protecting products, and has invited he Yi-feng, a special child health care expert from Sina.com, to introduce the products in a lively and detailed manner. Hisense washing machine research and development pre-research room director Shi Weize and other children experts, industry professionals, to bring professional explanations for Bao Pao Ma. In the course of the lecture, the principal lecturer will share practical tips on health washing, common diseases prevention and treatment of children, and take the method of answering questions on the spot to answer the children's health care problems encountered by Bao's parents in their daily lives.

# baby care plan # theme lecture will be held on December 9, Qingdao, Shandong Haixin Tower 25, the scene has rich gifts and other benefits, look forward to your presence!