Whirlpool Ai Xiaoming: Health Wash Tuyere Has Come, Sanyo Magic9 Lets You Enjoy Health

- Mar 26, 2018-

The Magic9 washing machine, known as the "superoxide" washing machine, can sterilize these unwashable items through ozone, killing up to 99 percent, preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases such as influenza. In addition, it has the ability to remove mites and odors. There are as many as 12 laundry programs and intelligent timing drying features. Ai said Sanyo Magic9 is not only a washing machine that carries the family's dream of health, but also embodies the brand concept of Sanyo products enjoying health.

Under the control of Whirlpool (China), Whirlpool, Sanyo, Tidu and Rongshida are four well-known household appliance brands, among which Whirlpool belongs to the position of "relaxed achievement grade" and realizes the innovation of Whirlpool for a hundred years. Sanyo and Dudu enjoy good health; Rongxida shows good quality to consumers, each brand will show to different people.

In fact, this is not the first time that Whirlpool has cooperated with JingDong to launch customized products. During the 2018AWE period, Whirlpool released a frozen refrigerator for Whirlpool in conjunction with JingDong. Specially designed for female consumers, it can keep the storage temperature and humidity of cosmetics accurately, and keep off other taste, ensure that it doesn't go bad, so that the beautiful female users can enjoy the exquisite life all the time.

The reason why he frequently chooses custom-made products with JingDong, Ai Xiaoming said, is that JingDong is now not only a channel for selling goods, but also a channel for brand promotion. Whirlpool hopes to make use of JingDong to bring products with technical representation. Presented to consumers, Whirlpool also promotes the popularity and reputation of the Whirlpool brand in China.

According to the "White Paper on the Development of China's Health washing Machine Market" released by Oviyun, the washing machine market has opened an era of healthy experience, and healthy washing products have become a new engine in the market, and ozone has a high bactericidal rate in the field of focused sterilization. Sanyo online washing machine market upgrade process has been in the forefront of the industry, the release of the Magic9 series will lead the wave of upgrading healthy washing machines.

For the future, Mr Ai said Sanyo would continue to work with other Whirlpool China brands to build more smart, healthy and quality appliances.