Haier Jingzhi Washing Machine Interactive 340000 Microshop User Shun Chun To The Market

- May 22, 2018-

On December 21 st, Haier Jingzhi drum washing machine was officially listed in its official micro-mall, Shun Ling Microshop. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, Shunstroll is another product of Haier's exploration of social economy in the age of mobile Internet. Shunstroll Microshop tries to focus on interaction, less trading, based on community interaction, to create a new user-centric marketing model. Haier crystal drum washing machine is listed in Shunstroll, which can connect 340000 microstore users with its community effect, and accurately communicate the intelligent product function point to the target population, so as to realize the rapid promotion of product popularity.

This crystal drum washing machine is specially designed for single, newlyweds. Haier washing machine has always put customer needs first, every new product from concept to development, production has user depth participation. In the early days of product planning, Haier learned through deep interaction with users that the community of single and newlywed families knew little about washing machine functions and that cleaning clothes with less time and effort was the basic criterion for their choice of products. At the same time, as a young community growing up in the Internet era, they attach particular importance to the intelligent interaction of products, which is in line with the current trend of ultra-high-end intelligent transformation of the home appliance industry.

In order to meet the needs of the target community, Haier innovates various intelligent functions in the research and development of crystal drum washing machine. Among them, the man-machine voice interactive function makes the crystal drum washing machine "understand" the user's instruction, and push the corresponding washing program automatically. At the same time, users can also choose to use shirt washing, exercise washing and other different washing modes. As many as 30 kinds of special stains washing procedures solve the problem of stubborn stains difficult to clean to meet the diverse needs of users. It is also worth mentioning that the Haier crystal drum washing machine using a button to start the knob minimal design, let the eyes shine. Its frequency conversion motor, also in quiet and smooth performance outstanding.

Community economy, what matters is the community, not the economy. Enterprises should take the lead in the social economy and strive to create value for the community users instead of pursuing the economy. Since the establishment of Haier, the user's thinking has always carried out the whole process of product development, manufacture and sales, and has been transformed from product decision to user decision. The community economy is still in its infancy, Haier has been in the forefront of industry development through constant attempts, and the listing of Jingzhi washing machines in Shunstroll will also provide useful inspiration for the development of industry enterprises.