Haier Washing Machine Shuang11 The Net First Behind The Trend Leading

- Jun 04, 2018-

With consumption upgrading, product value has become an important concern for consumers in the double 11 th sweep. Haier washing machine can achieve leadership in this year's double 11, behind is the accurate grasp of consumer demand pain point, driven by user demand in the high-end structure transformation, leading the industry trends, widely recognized by consumers.

Haier washing machine to meet users' quiet and smooth washing and protection needs, accurate delivery of 9KG crystal roller washing machine, become a bright spot in the double 11 shopping carnival. The FPA direct-drive motor, developed jointly by New Zealand's national treasure brands Fischer Pike and Haier, is quiet and smooth enough to allow 1.65mm coins to be placed on running washing machines.

In the field of washing and baking machine, Haier is also in the forefront of the industry. During Shuang 11, Haier washing machine mainly push 8 kg washing and drying drum washing machine, to meet the different needs of users from laundry to drying. V6 steam drying technology is used to let the temperature steam penetrate through 6 layers of clothing fiber to take away moisture and protect clothing while drying quickly. It is popular with consumers and its sales are soaring.

Some people in the industry have pointed out that Haier has adjusted its structure based on user demand, integrated world-class resources to develop differentiated and innovative products to meet the high quality needs of different users, effectively driving the transformation of washing machine industry consumption. For the entire industry towards the high-end intelligent direction of the transition to set a benchmark.