Challenge Balance Impossible: Running Haier Washing Machine Stands In Picture Frame

- Mar 31, 2018-

At the challenge scene, Tian Rui first placed a corner of a high-speed Haier washing machine in a suspended frame, then placed a inverted goblet on the washing machine, and then put two coins on top of the tall goblet. The whole shape is very smooth, the coins stand firm. What makes the challenge more difficult is that the picture frame is suspended on a balanced combination of ladders and planks, using the lever principle, and all the props are tied together. A shudder can collapse. One admires the challenger's balancing skills and is amazed at the quiet and smooth nature of Haier's direct-drive roller washing machine.

Guests, including presenter Sabine, said it was hard to believe that Haier's washing machine was challenging an oblique frame.The washing machine has been accompanied by rumbling noise since it was born, and in earlier years of art, washing machines were even dubbed "dancing washing machines," says Saabin.Tian Rui's challenge overturned the perception of the quiet and smooth of the washing machine, making Haier's diagonal frame the most eye-catching moment of the night.

Tian Rui, the balancing artist who completed the washing machine challenge, said, "Today's challenge combines four different balancing difficulties from top to bottom and forms a balance system from one another to another, which is also unprecedented." under such difficult conditions, The Haier washing machine is extremely quiet and smooth after it is started, so how can the direct-drive washing machine keep the unexpected quiet and smooth when it runs at high speed?

It turns out that the challenge of such a difficult balancing technique lies in the innovative technology of Haier washing machines, which use direct-drive variable frequency motors. Developed by Haier in partnership with New Zealand's national treasure brand Fisher&Paykel. It replaces the traditional motor belt drive inner cylinder rotation, accurate control of the inner cylinder rotation, greatly reduce noise and vibration. At the same time, The base foot of Haier washing machine is made from a new material developed jointly with scientific research institutes. The distance from which other brands of bottom foot materials are thrown to the ground is about 1m, while the rebound distance of Haier washing machine is only 25 px.At the same time, the damping effect of Haier washing machine is increased by 100 times. Haier washing machine adopts micrometer stable system, and its surface amplitude is less than 0.5 mm at high speed, which can reduce vibration and noise perfectly. It is precisely in the place that these users can't see that the picture frame of Haier direct-drive washing machine is inclined to stand but not fall down.

Haier washing machine continues to drive technological innovation to the user thinking, the final completion of the vertical frame inclined vertical roller coins, and other difficult balancing challenges. These interactions and the technical support, and mapped to the Haier washing machine user reputation and market performance. In the domestic market, according to the PRC, 1 to September data show that Haier washing machine with 29.5% market share ranked first in the industry; industry sales of the top 10 models, 6 models of Haier direct drive washing machine series products in the international market, Haier direct drive washing machine has entered the world's 10 million users of family, creating a market value of 40 billion.