Haier Washing Machine Shows The Mystery Of Creating World Trend In Chengdu

- Jun 21, 2018-

User demand driven originality continues to lead the world

The event scene, the world's first dual direct drive technology Haier Yunmeng washing machine has received attention. Different from the traditional drum motor can only output one power and wrestling washing time-consuming situation, Haier Yunmeng washing machine using dual direct drive technology, a direct drive motor can output two power, The inner cylinder and the D-roll drive plate rotate at different speeds, while the clothes are beaten and rubbed horizontally, which greatly improves the washing efficiency. Under the same washing capacity and washing ratio, the washing time of the Yunmeng washing machine is reduced by 55% compared with the traditional drum, and the fastest in the world is achieved. The user's understanding of the laundry protection experience is redefined.

Yunmeng washing machine is the latest product developed by Haier. It is another original scientific and technological achievement after double power, clean free and double roller, which shows the technological strength behind Haier washing machine user demand drive. Haier washing machine promotes the "trinity" localization strategy in the global market of five continents, integrates the strength of the five major R & D bases, and becomes the founder of the world washing machine industry trend.

Iterative innovation meets demand upgrading to highlight world-class brand influence

Adhere to the customer demand driven original technological innovation is the strong support for Haier washing machine to grow into a world-class brand, but also its adherence to quality upgrading to create customer value should be the meaning. In the global market of five continents, Haier washing machine has a zero distance insight into user needs, rapid response to the iterative upgrade of products and technologies, and the release of world-class brand influence.

Haier washing machine leads the world trend, also changes the clothing care life style of the global user. Casaday sees plus as such an iterative product. In 2017, Casaday pioneered air washing machines, leading the industry into a new era of "air washing". In addition to the capacity upgrade from 10kg to 15kg, the present plus version of the fiber washing machine provides a more extensible wash and protection space for the whole set of duck velvet, and also implements iterations in interface, program and care. Depending on the identification technology of clothing "identity", plus can provide exclusive washing and protection for every high-end clothing, and truly meet the exclusive nursing quality experience of high-end families.

The iterative upgrade of plus demonstrates once again the world-class brand influence of Haier washing machines. Prior to this, Haier clean-free and direct drive washing machine also thanks to original technology and continuous iterative upgrading, become a popular and representative product. Taking the direct-drive washing machine as an example, Haier replaces the traditional belt motor with direct-drive frequency conversion motor, which greatly reduces the running noise and leads the world quiet washing trend steadily and steadily. Up to now, Haier Direct Drive washing machines have a huge consumer base of 10 million households worldwide.

Under the guidance of "single person in one" mode, Haier washing machine insists on driving market innovation with user thinking, accelerates global ecological layout, and is showing the strength of world-class brand with the image of "trendsetter". In the domestic market, Haier's washing machine market share reached 35% in May 2018, according to the latest data from Zhonghui. In the global market, according to Euromonitor International's latest data, Haier washing machine has been the world's largest for the ninth consecutive year.