Good Life Starts With Laundry Haier Washing Machine Announces The First Seven Heart Service Standard In Haier Washing Machine Industry

- Apr 14, 2018-

On April 12, China Home Appliances Service upgrade Forum and Haier washing Machine "Seven Heart Service" was held in Beijing, sponsored by China Home Appliances Service maintenance Association.At the meeting, Haier's washing machine launched the "Seven Heart Service" standard for the first time, and the introduction of this service standard is undoubtedly a service upgrade in the industry.The release of the service is also highly recognized by the organizer China Home Appliances Service maintenance Association.

"Seven Heart Services" debuts to provide a whole-house wash and care solution"Seven Heart Service" is not simply "rest assured, comfortable, secure, save, elaborate, intimate, loving.""Seven Heart Service" not only covers all the follow-up services of home appliances sales, but also proposes the service front for the first time to provide users with pre-sale design of the whole house wash and care solution.In the "Seven Heart Service", "worry saving" means free door opening and installation, free drilling and other services. "meticulous" means providing delicate installation services such as special washing machine faucet, special anti-odor floor drain, etc. In addition, it also includes door-to-door design.Professional debugging and other "reassuring" services, with different service dimensions, so that users buy rest assured, with peace of mind, washing happy.

Perhaps in everyone's impression, there is not yet an authoritative unified standard in the field of home appliances service, and poor service attitude, random charges and other adverse phenomena are common.In order to break the chaos of this industry, Haier washing machine takes customer demand as the center, creating the whole process service system running through pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale.In the front end of sales, according to the demand of consumption upgrading, Haier washing machine provides customers with laundry, drying multi-machine combination and district washing and maintenance complete solutions.Washing napkins and other interactive experience, let the user through active participation in the product intuitive understanding of the image, in the after-sale phase, Haier washing machine to provide users with an integrated housekeeping service, from the user's point of view,To provide users with a full range of laundry quality experience.

Haier deserved to win the Golden Prize for quality Service of Chinese Home Appliances in the New eraAt the event site, China Home Appliances Service maintenance Association awarded Haier washing machine the "New Age China Home Appliances quality Service Gold Award."Haier is also the industry's first company to win the award.Haier, as the No. 1 customer for 13 consecutive years, is proving itself with its own actions, and is also using its own actions to create better service standards for consumers.

This appearance of "Seven Heart Service" is another quality service created by Haier washing machine for users, and it is also a better pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale experience for users.Just like Haier's advertisement saying "sincere forever", Haier washing machine is proving itself with its solid steps and actions, and is also setting a more benchmark for the industry, more in line with the quality of service users.