Haier's Almost No Water Washing Machine Technology Has Set Record

- Jun 02, 2018-

Haier demonstrated the technical principle of "almost no water" washing machine: 1 bucket of dirty water changed to pure and transparent clean water after being treated by water treatment device, and the amount of water hardly changed before and after. According to the responsible person in charge of the Haier washing machine, the technology is strictly based on the principle of "one bucket of water washing" to achieve water recycling, which can theoretically realize the repeated use of water. To achieve "little water or almost no water."

It is understood that this technology is only Haier washing machine practice "less water, recycling water" water saving concept, made one of the results of water-saving. At the forum scene, Haier washing machine also introduced four major achievements in the field of water saving, respectively from the four stages of program water saving, structure water saving, system water saving and process water saving.

In the program water saving stage , the Haier washing machine sets the washing water for different gears by automatically identifying the weight of the clothes , and simultaneously divides and studies the water consumption of each washing program . Now , almost all the Haier washing machines are equipped with automatic identification of the weight of the clothes to match the water quantity gear program.

In the stage of structural water saving, Haier has designed a "instant washing machine" represented by a small child prodigy, 2 generations of no-cleaning with the technology of "no water between buckets", and a washing machine that can do local washing. Real from the product structure to achieve water conservation.

On the other hand, the district washing machine, which is represented by the washing machine without washing and the washing machine of Shuangzi Yunzhang, can save water through the reuse of rinsing water. The clean washing machine technology released at the meeting, which can save water by water reuse, is to save water from the washing machine's laundry process source, so it is defined as process water saving.

The news that Haier was developing a washing machine with little water had sparked a backlash in the industry, with speculation about water-saving principles such as "air washing" and "high pressure washing" continuing. At the event, Haier washing machine officials said that users need clean clothes, based on this starting point, Haier washing machine in the principle of water-saving exploration has never stopped.

At the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the plan for a water-saving society was formally put on the agenda. In October this year, nine major ministries and commissions, including the National Development and Reform Commission, once again issued the "National Water Saving Action Plan" to promote water saving in all industries and fields. In the whole society to form the concept of water-saving and water-saving atmosphere, an all-round construction of water-saving society. From this dimension Haier washing machine responded positively to the national water-saving call took the lead in practicing the innovative application of water-saving technology and released four major water-saving achievements and once again stood at the forefront of the industry and national water-saving field.