Haier Washing Machine Industry, User Dual Recognition

- Jun 05, 2018-

September 20th,2016 washing Machine Industry Summit Forum held in Beijing. At the forum, enterprises promoting industry innovation were commended, among which Haier sub-mother machine was awarded "industry health care trend leading products" and "intelligent cleaning trend leading products". Data show that the two products since the launch of the market, has always remained in their respective price segment sales first position, with excellent product strength by industry and users of dual recognition.

The era when washing machines can only wash their clothes is a thing of the past, and extreme care and healthy laundry has become a new pain point for users. Haier's washing machine insists on the user's thinking and introduces a series of washing machines without washing through subversion and innovation. In three years, it has subverted and innovated the technology of "ball of wisdom" and "no water between buckets" twice in order to solve the problem of "100 years of dirty buckets" once and for all. Upgrade from "wash clean" to "clean wash". Then iterative innovation sub-mother machine cleaning, with a machine two barrels design to achieve "partition wash free cleaning", constantly upgrade the user experience. At present, clean-free as a leading health care technology has become a hot word in the world washing machine industry "Haier phenomenon."

At present, Haier washing machine in technology upgrading, product structure adjustment has been a step forward, constantly refresh the new standards of user washing and nursing experience, leading the washing and nursing industry towards healthy, intelligent direction. At present, Haier clean-free products have entered millions of user families, bringing a new health care experience.