Quiet And Smooth Haier Washing Machine And Users Set New Standards For Washing Clothes

- Jun 13, 2018-

Industry experts point out that Haier washing machines have always been driven by customer demand as the basis for product innovation and can rely on global core strength to allow users to define their own product standards. Zhonikang reported third-quarter data showing that in September, Haier's market share of washing machines was the largest in the industry, and Haier achieved a high growth rate in large volumes amid negative overall growth in the industry.

User's Laundry desire: quiet and smooth 

in the moment of consumption upgrade, consumers' demand for washing machine has not only been satisfied with "clean washing", but also put forward quiet, smooth, healthy and more detailed needs. Data show that in the past two years, the most complaints about washing machines are noise problems, such as loud dry sound, large amplitude of vibration, etc., which account for more than 55% of the washing machine.

In response to this phenomenon, Haier washer through a user tracking visit, and found that 72% of Haier users ranked "quiet and smooth" experience first, the evaluation was "very satisfied", "clean clothing" followed. This research further promoted the quiet and smooth operation of the washing machine Haier as an innovative experience standard, also foreshadowed its future product innovation will revolve around this demand.

Haier's subversion: core technology 

has the confidence to subvert the past, opening up a new era. As we all know, as the "heart" of washing machine, the motor directly determines the noise and stability of the product, and this is the bottom of Haier washing machine positioning "quiet and steady".

Through the FPA direct-drive motor developed jointly with New Zealand's Feibao household appliance brand, Haier took the lead in canceling the traditional washing machine with a belt driving inner cylinder rotation, making the washing machine run more smoothly while making sure it was washed clean. The experiment shows that the Haier Amethyst washing machine with the above technology can stand on the fuselage at a high speed of 1600 rpm with a thickness of only 1. 65mm.

The future of washing machines: user-defined standards, in fact, Haier washing machines to establish quiet and smooth product experience standards is also its R & D upgrade, intelligent manufacturing and other hard power upgrade after the release of soft power. Let the user become the leading role or leading force of the product innovation and even the industry development, obviously this opens up a new path in leading the future consumption trend and the home appliance industry development reform direction!

Not only is quiet smooth, if consumer has higher demand and standard, Haier also can satisfy. This is due to its behind the global open innovation and development platform driven. Haier has set up five R & D centers in Australia, the United States, Europe, Japan and China to integrate the world's leading technological resources to create excellent products that integrate the world's top genes.