Haier's Almost No Water Principle: Wash Clothes With A Barrel Of Water

- May 16, 2018-

Not only that, Haier also revealed at the scene that it is preparing a household water-saving center, mainly through the washing machine, water heater and toilet three "water tigers" together for water recycling, to achieve "one water three uses."

At the scene , we learned that Haier ' s " almost no water " washing machine technology had a basic principle of 1 barrel with clean clothes . After washing , dirty water changed back to clean and transparent clean water for reuse , and the amount of water before and after the washing was almost unchanged , and the water could wash and rinse the washing machine so as to achieve " less water or almost no water " .

With the economic development of our country, the problems of water resources shortage and water pollution have become more and more prominent, and there has been a water shortage crisis in many parts of the country. In August 2015, according to the overall arrangement of the preparation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources, The Ministry of Housing Urban-Rural Construction decided to jointly organize and compile the 13th five-year Plan for Water-Saving Society Construction. In October this year, nine major departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, issued the "National Water Saving Action Plan," which requires that we must promote the formation of water-saving life, production methods, and consumption patterns, and that it is urgent to launch a nationwide "national water-saving action plan." This forum, is to study through technological innovation to achieve scientific water use, high-efficiency water-saving. At the end of the forum, the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Energy Saving Association, Beijiayuan, Haier Group and technical experts also launched a household water-saving initiative, hoping to jointly promote innovation and implementation of water-saving technologies.

Haier washing machine said that as a socially responsible enterprise, Haier washing machine will continue to practice the ecological concept under the guidance of the policy, and promote the washing machine industry in China through technological innovation and continuous changes of its own. Even the global washing machine industry is steadily developing in the direction of health, science and sustainability.