Reappearance Of Noise Pain Point With Scene Drama JingDong First Round Of Haier Direct-drive Drum Washing Machine

- Apr 25, 2018-

At the event scene, Haier washing machine focused on four groups of people: two-child families, college entrance examination families, elderly families and elite white-collar families, to recreate the impact of washing machine noise on quiet life in a romantic way. Let the audience realize the importance of quiet washing and protecting the environment.

Take the two-child family as an example. It is difficult to get two babies to sleep by their mother, but they are awakened by the loud noise of the washing machine turned on by their father. Haier washing machine introduced direct-drive drum washing machine to reduce disharmonious noise, reduce the burden of family life, reflecting the concern for the parents of the second child. Take the college entrance examination family as an example. In the current social environment, when clocks ticks, walks and speaks, they are deliberately controlled because they are worried about the examinee's review, and the laundry noise naturally becomes the pain point of the college entrance examination families. In order to create a quiet and comfortable review environment for candidates, Haier direct-drive drum washing machine naturally becomes the first choice for college entrance examination families.

For example, many elderly people have problems with sleep, poor sleep quality will affect their health, Haier washing machine to meet the needs of the elderly noise sensitivity, The direct-drive drum washing machine with quiet and stable advantages meets the needs of the elderly family. In fact, it is not just families with two children, families with college entrance exams and elderly families. The scene of this activity is interpreted as a romantic drama for elite white-collar families, and the pressure of working during the day is high. If the quality of sleep is not good enough at night, it will seriously affect the work of the next day. Their need for quiet washing and protection of life is equally urgent. These four groups of people's demand for quiet and smooth cleaning, is the real portrayal of the upgrading of consumer demand at this stage.

Haier direct-drive drum washing machine is designed to meet the needs of the above 4 groups of customers high-quality products. In order to show the audience the smooth and quiet nature of the direct-drive drum washing machine, Haier's washing machine invited the coin got Talent balance brother to build a building model with coins on the running washing machine. The scene confirmed Haier's excellent strength in washing machines. Also make a lot of users from the heart of the doubt to the "road to powder."

Considering the characteristics of "face economy" in the Internet era, the new products of Haier direct drive drum washing machine have also been carefully designed in terms of capacity and appearance design. It not only elevates the weight of washing to 10KG, but also adopts 3D cloud design as a whole. With the appearance of arc-shaped cloud and 525mm door and window design, the fashion does not lose its humanization, and it gives the users a higher quality experience of washing and protecting life.

Regarding the new product released by Haier washing Machine, industry insiders said that the high-end market of Haier washing machine coding ecommerce is closely related to the intelligent manufacturing strength of its leading industry. At present, Haier washing machines are undergoing a transition from mass manufacturing to mass customization. The new product of direct-drive drum washing machines released this time is the product of the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, because customer demand runs through the entire process from research and development to design to production of new products. Haier washing machine to the high-end, intelligent transformation and upgrading of the strong proof.