Haier Group Crystal Series Washing Machine 1 Quarter US Listing

- May 13, 2018-

At the exhibition site, a beauty user watches the coins that remain motionless. She was attracted by a coin set up on a Haier Amethyst, and when she saw a 50cm high - shaped picture of a 1157 coin beside the Amethyst washer, she was "unbelievable". At present, the coin challenge on the washing machine has become a trend in China. Starting from New Year's day in 2017, the Haier coin washing machine has been on the CCTV stage. In the video, on the high-speed Haier washing machine, the coin man set up a spiral model of up to 50cm with 1157 coins, and again refreshed the user's awareness of the quiet and smooth of the washing machine.

The Haier washing machine reproduced the coin scene in the 2017 CES exhibition in the United States and became the focus of attention in a moment, proving the popularity of the Haier washing machine direct drive frequency conversion products, and also showing the leading strength of the Haier washing machine in the field of direct drive frequency conversion technology. At the scene, the staff also demonstrated the use of OCF APP to connect with the washing machine, using the mobile phone to check the remaining washing time at any time, so as to realize the intelligent control of the washing procedure.

As a representative of the global high-end market, the United States has always been the battleground of the international appliance brand. As we all know, American users are strict in product intelligent design, large capacity, and Seiko manufacturing, which can be seen from the experience of the use of high-tech products such as apple handsets and Tesla. In the 1 quarter of 2017, the Haier crystal series washing machine with FPA direct drive motor will be officially listed in the United States, providing the users with the extreme quiet and smooth, high capacity and intelligent high-end nursing experience.

Haier washing machine based on the high-end user needs of American users, adjust product structure, and promote the localization strategy of crystal series washing machine products. In the United States, Haier washing machines are rapidly integrating into mainstream channels, becoming the best choice for more and more American families. In November this year, Sonia, the famous American producer and Emmy Award winner, was drying out the newly installed Haier washing machine near the Hollywood hill on his Facebook. Previously, Haier washer was voted the best choice for apartment families in the US media, showing the competitive strength of the world's first brand. Another 13KG super large washing capacity washing machine also provides a one-off large capacity laundry solution for local family users, and has been pushed by the main mainstream channels and continues to be hot in the North American market.

The continuous selling of Haier washing machines in the US market is behind the user driven demand driven innovation driven mode and localized overseas strategy. Haier has always adhered to the "Trinity" strategy of localization, localization, localization and marketing, set up R & D center and production base in the world, and converge the world's top R & D forces into innovative products to meet the best use experience of global users.