Farewell To Popular Laundry And Review Of two Breakthroughs In Washing Machines In 2017

- Mar 28, 2018-

The corresponding laundry also has a long history, from the initial use of hand-washing, to the beginning of the use of simple laundry tools such as washboards, and then to the emergence of hand-operated washing machines in the late 19th century. Followed by the emergence of electric washing machines in the early 20th century, and then relying on the continuous progress of technology, modern washing machines formally appeared and entered thousands of households.

Although laundry methods and tools are constantly developing, they are still not enough for people in modern society. Most washing machines on the market are still able to do simple laundry, but with the increase of people's economic ability, The materials of clothes in the home are becoming more and more diversified and high-end, and the simple laundry ability is obviously no longer able to meet the requirements for laundry.

In order to meet the diverse needs of people, major manufacturers have introduced or improved their own products this year, so that washing machines begin to have more targeted functions, and laundry methods are beginning to change gradually.

Let's take stock of the new way of doing laundry this year.

TCL-Free washing

Washing machines are the first choice for many families, but the washing machine itself may become a source of pollution after a long period of time. The reason is that the traditional wavy washing machine has a huge ability to store dirt between the inner and outer buckets, the structure of the tripod on the bottom of the inner cylinder of the traditional roller washing machine is defective, and the heavy metal pollution caused by metal corrosion.

For a long time, washing machine products have been continuously upgraded, the function is becoming more and more comprehensive, but it can not solve the problem of secondary pollution caused by technical defects.

In order to solve this problem, after three years of research and development, TCL has finally decided to change the internal structure of the washing machine to deal with this problem with the technology of full drum sealing. In order to put an end to the problem of secondary pollution of laundry, in March 2016, the TCL pollution-free wave wheel washing machine was officially released. The product innovatively adopted the design of full sealing barrel structure, which made the whole seal structure formed between the inner and outer buckets. The single water seal technique is used to discharge the washing water flow through the separate waterway of the inner cylinder, and the combination of the whole steel bucket bottom and the detachable integrated corrugated wheel.

In August of the same year, TCL again applied the sealing technology concept to the pollution-free drum washing machine products, and used the original patented water seal technology to prevent pollution. Through the triple water seal technology, the drum bottom aluminum support tripod of the drum washing machine was sealed. To prevent dirt and bacteria, the design also eliminates heavy metal secondary pollution from electrochemical reactions on aluminum tripod.

And in March of this year, the TCL pollution-free bucket washing machine was designed with a more innovative "pollution-free bucket exclusive" design. The washing machine is designed for each family member through a detachable bucket to create an exclusive health care space to avoid cross-infection in the washing machine. A single washing machine can meet the needs of Family Mart healthy laundry.

Washing clothes with a washing machine may have unclean laundry and problems with laundry residues after washing. This has always been a worry for many people. Especially in the past, the innovation of washing machine has always revolved around the need of "washing clothes", from semi-automatic, fully automatic, to wave wheel, the evolution of drum is also a logical main axis.

But with the development of society and economy and the increasing per capita income, people are no longer satisfied with the need of washing machine only to wash clothes, and they begin to demand that washing be healthier and more environmentally friendly. At the same time, it has become the core needs of washing machine users.

To meet this demand, the 2014 Hisense innovation developed can effectively remove residual washing liquid rotary waterfall washing machine, to fill the gaps in the industry, bringing a new personal care experience for the end consumer, it is through several iteration technology and products, Hisense washing machine further strengthened in washing health industry's leading edge technology. To achieve leapfrog development.

In 2017 August, Hisense washing machine will "spin rinse" technology powerful upgrades to the third generation, launched "net" series of new products. The addition of 3 spray mouth, built-in rotary waterfall engine, in the washing process, two spray mouth can of washing machine clothes inside the doors and windows, respectively spray, in full cleaning clothes stains, can effectively remove the door glass door ring on the detergent and dirt. The fan-shaped waterfall spray technology leading to another, stubborn stains and strong washing detergent in the washing process, more ad hoc foam sensor, intelligent perception of bubble concentration, timely spraying and removing clothing and doors and windows the bubble, the real implementation of the zero residual stains, clean zero dead.

Hisense to "reject residual" purpose, first proposed the "food grade care" concept in the industry, washing machine industry led by washing results "stains wash", to represent the health degree of "revolutionary clothing washing cleanliness", the residual washing liquid and harmful substances to achieve clothes after washing, a comprehensive upgrade of many technical index of clothing disinfection, washing process.