End Of Second Pollution TCL-free Washing Machine Debuts In IFA Campaign For Europe

- Apr 07, 2018-

Many friends may not know that there are health risks between washing machines and clothing and between clothing and clothing, which can easily lead to the breeding of bacteria, mold and total coliform bacteria.In the face of this long-standing industry problem of laundry secondary pollution and clothing cross-contamination TCL has launched the pollution-free drum washing machine and the pollution-free bucket washing machine in the middle of the bucket. Both of them are the first in the world.

The IFA2017 showcases a new non-fouling washing and drying drum washing machine, XQGM90-14508BDH, with a large washing capacity of 9KG, with an integrated all-touch keystroke with smart color light and fine chord sound, and a new type of washing and drying drum washing machine with a quicksand gold color matching color, an XQGM90-14508BDH.Brand-new showy control interface for users to bring a brand-new experience of washing.

The triple water seal technology used in TCL non-fouling drum washing machine seals the aluminum support tripod at the bottom of the inner cylinder to avoid the breeding of bacteria in the groove of the tripod itself and the gap between the tripod and the inner bottom. At the same time, the electrochemical reaction of the aluminum supported tripod is eliminated.Avoid heavy metal secondary contamination of clothing.

In view of the exclusive washing needs of the whole family, we have to mention that TCL introduced a new type of dirty-free bucket washing machine in 2017. The model on display on IFA2017 is TWAM85-9005BYS, which uses a 1N scheme.That is, a fully sealed bucket washing machine (external barrel) N exclusive classification of washing drums (internal bucket, small, baby, underwear, etc.), each kind of clothing has its own bucket.

The exclusive bucket is designed to be detachable, and the site experience can be "installed in seconds". No longer need to worry about the health problems caused by washing socks, underwear and other clothes.In addition, in the laundry process, the barrel and the exclusive bucket washing procedures are operated separately, but also achieved non-interference.

According to the introduction , this kind of washing machine is equally excellent in energy saving . The exclusive bucket adopts the flow meter to enter the water valve , the water level can be automatically controlled , the water is saved and the heart is saved . Through the actual calculation , the single washing of the large barrel of the washing machine in the non - polluted bucket of TCL can be saved by more than 30 percent , and the single washing water saving of the exclusive bucket can be more than 80 percent , and the clean and environment - friendly .