New Experience Of Wun Sha: China Electric Laundry Cabinet Alliance Established In Beijing

- Mar 24, 2018-

In the past two years, China's consumer demand has continued to grow, the consumption structure has been accelerated and upgraded, and the role of consumption in driving the economy has obviously increased, and people yearn for a more beautiful and healthy life experience. The differentiated consumer demand is gradually emerging. The concepts of district washing and healthy washing are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The new consumer demand has given birth to new concepts and products. "U Yue wash" is such an innovative product for personalized laundry demand. Qingdao Haiyuanjie Technology Co., Ltd., according to the needs of consumer underwear washing at any time alone, high-grade clothing materials soft washing demand, In combination with the laundry space and clothes hand-washing demand on the balcony of houses in some areas, Wun yarn microbubble washer was created, which enables consumers to realize high quality laundry while taking into account the optimization of space utilization and the aesthetic feeling of home environment.

Mr. Wu Haitao, Assistant to the President of the China Home Appliances Research Institute, delivered a speech at the beginning of the event. He pointed out that in the new era, the variety richness, brand recognition, and quality satisfaction of household appliances products in China have been greatly improved, showing a multi-level. The new trend of diversified upgrading. Consumers' demands for consumption upgrading and enterprises' exploration of production innovation are finally unified in good products and services. In the process of product development, some enterprises actively study consumer demand. To develop innovative products in line with Chinese consumers' usage habits and home layout. The enterprise's product upgrading and innovation attempts to improve the quality of supply, meet consumer demand, and make people's lives more beautiful.

Li Shoulin, general manager of Qingdao Haiyuanjie Technology Co., Ltd., exchanged with the media and audience on the product characteristics and R & D experience of Wun Sha microbubble launcher.

The event also invited Zuo Yanque, general manager of the brand center of Beijing Zhongyi Kang Times Market Research Co., Ltd, to give a keynote speech. He pointed out that innovation should be market-oriented and consumer demand-oriented. He from the point of view of data mining product innovation, so that the audience fresh, fruitful.

Lu Jianguo, deputy chief engineer of China Home Appliances Research Institute and deputy director of China Home Appliances Inspection Institute, made a speech on the theme of "Product quality for enterprises to protect", pointing out that quality is always the first lifeline of household appliances.

Song Liqiang, Director of the Evaluation Center of China Home Appliances Research Institute, introduced the performance of Wun yarn microbubble launcher in UET user experience evaluation.

1. In the test of washing softness, the wear of Wun Sha to clothes is much smaller than that of the wavy washing machine. This is because the washing principle is that the washing principle is to blast the clothes without stirring them by using the micro-bubble water flow technology, so it is very suitable for washing underwear and silk quality. Special clothing such as cashmere

2. In the experiment of washing water consumption and washing effect, the water consumption of Wun yarn is less than that of the wavy washing machine, and from the washing effect, the washed towel is more soft and fluffy than that washed by the wave wheel washing machine.

3. From the experiment of cleaning dissolution rate and detergent dosage, it is found that the dissolving speed of Wun yarn is fast and the amount of detergent is less.

Based on the above experimental results, the Wun yarn microbubble washer is a new type of laundry product suitable for washing underwear and high grade special material clothes, which is complementary to the function of ordinary household washing machine. Therefore, recommended to the broad pursuit of washing quality of consumers.

According to the performance of Wun Yarn Microbubble Laundry in the UET evaluation, the Evaluation Center of China Academy of Home Appliances awarded Wun Sha "U Yue washing" Certificate. Wun Sha Microbubble Laundry has entered into cooperation with traditional laundry cabinet manufacturers. Will jointly provide consumers with a one-stop electric laundry cabinet design.

Based on the common vision of providing Chinese consumers with differentiated, personalized and high-quality laundry programs, China Home Appliances Research Institute and Qingdao Haiyuan Jie Technology Co., Ltd. Representatives of excellent laundry cabinet enterprises jointly launched the China Electric Laundry Cabinet Alliance, which will focus on the problems and needs faced by consumers at present, and work together to provide exclusive, high-quality laundry experience for the majority of users.