The First Round Of Duplex Washing Machine Is Ahead Of The Bright Spot.

- Apr 04, 2018-

Bright spot one: the super capacity big wash and bake far exceeds the industry similar productAccording to Lu Jianfeng's Weibo picture and recent media reports, it is not difficult to know that one of the features of the Beverly Duplex washing Machine, like its name, is "Big."At present, 12kg is generally the standard for large capacity household washing machines, and the washing capacity of this brand new product is up to 15 kg, which far exceeds that of similar products in the industry. It adopts the upper and lower partition design of "3kg wave wheel 12kg drum," among which,Under 12 kg wash 8 kg drying capacity than the market mainstream 4 kg drying capacity is double, "amazing."

As we all know, the larger the washing machine's capacity, the more clothes can be washed at the same time, and the more efficient the washing work will be, it will be perfect for families of four, three generations in the same room and city people who often save their clothes to wash together on weekends.The oversized washing and drying capacity of Beverly's duplex washing machine can be said to meet the daily needs of most Chinese families, even heavy winter clothes, curtains, sheets, covers and other large pieces of clothing can be done at once.

Bright spot 2: the upper and lower zones synchronously wash and care the clothing more healthilyAs a duplex washing machine, Beverly's new product is naturally "painstakingly painstaking" in its structural design. It carries 3 kilograms of corrugated wheels on top, which can easily wash small items such as children's clothing and underwear, and carry 12 kilograms of rollers on the lower cylinder.Can give full play to the drum washing machine simple operation, washing and protection of the characteristics of convenience.In addition, the DDM direct drive frequency conversion carried in the upper part of the product and the BLDC high-speed frequency conversion motor carried in the lower part of the product, combined with an independent balanced shock absorber system, have realized true zoning synchronization, and the buckets are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other.Highlight the nature of the "big object".

Now, with the opening up of the two-child policy and the increasing demand for health, more and more families are asking for separate washing of baby and adult clothing, even for adults, coats and underwear.To reduce cross-infection.Beverly Duplex washing Machine exerts the advantages of roller and wave wheel to the maximum, perfect big piece, small piece one machine, care for family health in all directions, can be called the representative of exquisite washing and protecting life under the trend of large capacity.

Bright spot three: precision delivery, convenient, quick, intelligent technology to change lifeToday, the "lazy economy", and the daily laundry is so cumbersome, how can users really from the heavy washing machine work out of it?The development and maturity of intelligent science and technology, undoubtedly let the mankind see hope, and intelligence is also becoming the "standard" of household appliances.

It is reported that the upcoming Beverly Duplex washing machine has a variety of intelligent washing and protection functions.The application of intelligent and automatic technology can solve the problem of rinsing unclean by manual operation, bad storage of detergent, residual irritation of skin and so on, which completely frees the hands of users.At the same time, the product is also an intelligent laundry expert, can complete automatic weighing, automatic perception of fabric, automatic sensing of water flow and other processes, tailor-made for each garment body of the washing program.Big washing and baking, district synchronization, intelligent washing and protecting, can be said that the Beverly "big machine" duplex washing machine meets all the beautiful imagination of daily washing in Chinese families at the present stage.Are you eager to see what it is like?Don't worry. On September 18 th, Beverly Duplex washing Machine was in Nanjing.