Xiamen University Xiao Wangqiang: Coin On Haier Washing Machine Display Precision Manufacturing

- May 19, 2018-

At the coin setting, two associate professors praised Haier washing machine for its quiet and steady performance, and considered that the FPA direct-drive motor adopted by Haier washing machine could eliminate belt transmission and achieve accurate control of vibration and noise. At the same time, Haier's leading precision manufacturing capability effectively solves the problem of motor clearance and ensures the stable output of the motor. This is the key to the realization of 4 coins stacked.

In fact, the "coin stand on the running washing machine" campaign, as described by two "professor fans" at Xiamen University, has already detonated on video platforms and major cities across the country. Many users have also witnessed the setting up of coins on the running Haier washing machine. And compete for imitation and challenge. During the mute operation, the public stood 50 coins in one minute, to the user taking down the laundry pool and standing up 302 coins, and then to the folk master to erect and stack 4 coins, put up the "Arc de Triomphe", "Guangzhou Tower" and other difficult modeling. Haier washing machine direct drive frequency conversion products of the user reputation also continues to heat up.

It is understood that the Haier washing machine is different from the traditional way in which the inner cylinder is driven by a belt, the FPA direct-drive motor is used to precisely control the inner cylinder operation, and the noise is minimized under the premise of increasing the rotational speed and increasing the washing capacity. Deeply recognized by users. Haier's excellent shock-absorbing design also allows the washing machine to filter out the system's tiny vibrations and achieve real quiet and stability.

Under the environment of the supply side reform and the saturated demand of washing machine industry, it is the key for enterprises to make a breakthrough in transformation by accurately tracking consumer demand and carrying out technological innovation. Haier, as a national brand leading the development of household appliances industry, has always followed the national policy and set an example for industry transformation through continuous innovation. Running washing machine coin has become Haier washing machine to meet users' quiet and smooth demand, verify the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise intelligent manufacturing industry a national review.