Creativity First! The Household Bucket Turned Into A Portable Washing Machine

- Apr 23, 2018-

Washing machines are now considered a must for every family. In our impression, washing machines are often bulky. Although they are convenient to use, they can reduce our labor load, but once we go out for a trip or travel on business, Washing clothes becomes manual again.

Small knitting for everyone today is a portable washing machine! Believe many people have the same question, washing machine this heavy play should have portable? Yes, foreigners' brain holes are so big that they designed a portable washing machine called Swash.

In fact, the principle of this washing machine is very easy to understand, is a portable "roller." As we all know, washing machines have inner and outer cylinders, and most of the machinery is inside, so this hand-held washing machine pulls out the inner cylinder of the traditional washing machine and adds it to the rotating arm. The portable inner cylinder rotation function is realized. What about the outside of the washing machine? It's easy to find a bucket at home.

Combining hand-held washing machines with common buckets, a portable, portable, portable washing machine was born, but certainly not as effective as a traditional washing machine. But its portability must still have a lot of applications, such as in some of the dormitory can not put down large electrical appliances, a washing machine so convenient can be an artifact!