Working principle of air heat exchanger

- May 02, 2017-

In the air heat exchanger internal heat exchange system, power system, control system, filtration system and other parts, the heat exchange system is used to realize the gas flow in the equipment, through the indoor and outdoor temperature difference to carry out the heat exchange of gases, thus lowering the indoor temperature, outdoor air after purification, from the pipe into the system for heat transfer, and then through the exhaust vent to the indoor air, indoor air in the side of the fan, through the pipe into the device for heat treatment.

Filtration system mainly carries on the dust, particles, fiber and other impurities in the air filtration, avoid outdoor air impurities into the indoor, at the same time, the heat exchange system to remove the dirty attachment, reduce the damage to the internal performance of the equipment, the power system mainly by the noise reduction blower composition, it mainly realizes the internal air circulation and circulation, will filter after the purification of outdoor fresh air input indoors, at the same time, the filter heat exchange treatment of indoor harmful gases discharged outdoors.