Why is the washing machine to be used with a base?

- Sep 17, 2018-

Washing machines are usually placed in the bathroom or on the balcony, but the two places have something in common that is wet.

With a base, it is moisture-proof and waterproof. If the floor drain is not very qualified during the decoration, the washing machine will leak when it discharges the sewage. When the bottom of the washing machine is used for a long time, the corrosion scene will appear and the service life of the washing machine will be accelerated.

Many people think that there is nothing. If something is used up for a while, it should be replaced. But have you ever thought that the washing machine will be corroded, then the wires will be exposed. There is also the possibility of leakage, and this is related to the safety of personal life. At this time, it is a bit late to pay attention to it.

Moreover, the washing machine has a base, which is convenient when we clean it. Otherwise, the cleaning is not in place, and it is easy to cause the stinking when the mosquitoes are serious. Especially in the summer, it is terrible to think of a sour taste.

With a base, the washing machine can change positions at any time, and it will not cause trouble to the neighbors downstairs. In addition, washing machines are generally relatively low-end. Nowadays, household chores are mostly made by the elders of the family. Like washing machines, the elders are bent over at a young age, and the squatting is quite inconvenient. It is much more convenient to install this.