Which clothes can't be thrown into the washing machine

- May 02, 2017-

1. Silk clothing: Silk clothes are dirty, can be placed in cold water detergent, repeated rubbing with hands can be a few times, it is not suitable for washing washing machine, because silk clothing texture thin soft, poor grinding, in the high-speed operation of washing barrels is very easy to make, even in the performance of a lot of ball, dry after wearing very unsightly.

2. Silk inlay garment: No washing machine washing dry, the post office must not be hard to rub, not heart wring, only appropriate to put around 35 degrees of neutral soap or synthetic washing liquid soaked, bubble after the hands of a few times, to dirty wash away with water rinse, hanging on the hanger, let its natural drip drying can.

3. Woolen Clothing: Woolen clothing Many parts of the needle sewing, lining cloth is cotton and hemp fabrics, in the laundry drum rotating roll will be due to the suction after the shrinkage of uneven deformation, the impact of beautiful, fastness to decline, so it is inappropriate to wash in the washing bucket, should be dry cleaning.

4, with petrol in overalls: because gasoline is flammable. Explosive, not only after the diffusion of pollution, corrosion washing machine, but also possible due to the running of washing machine in the emergence of a fire phenomenon caused by explosion. So, absolutely can't wash in the washing machine.

5. Shoes and clothes with sand: shoes because of the bottom of the hard, even iron nails and other things, washing machine is easy to damage the machine, to wash the dirt in the first hand in the washing machine to wash the laundry, to prevent the silt falling into the corner sewing machine, affecting the normal work of the washing machine.

6. Down jacket clothes: Because of the fiber down the strength of poor, do not resist rubbing, if washing with washing machine, feather is very easy to crush, washing machine rotation force will also make down roll and knot regiment.