When using the washing machine, many people like to make these 4 small mistakes. No wonder the clothes are not clean.

- Nov 12, 2018-

1, wash underwear underwear with a washing machine

Many people, after having a washing machine, throw it into the washing machine no matter what clothes they have. Sometimes after the shower, the connected jacket and underwear are thrown into the washing machine for cleaning. Although there is nothing wrong with this cleaning, you have to think that the jacket has a lot of dust and bacteria on it, and when it is washed with underwear, these dusts and bacteria can contaminate underwear. The underwear and underwear are the clothes that are most close to our body. It is easy for some unclean bacteria to infect our body, leading to health problems such as skin diseases. The washing machine is very convenient, but it is recommended that everyone's underwear should be hand-washed as well, so that at least they can be clean and healthy.

2, the clothes are washed, they are not drying

This mistake is caused by many office workers, because the office workers are basically late when they come back. When they have finished the meal at home, it is basically more than ten o'clock in the evening. At this time, if you use the washing machine to wash clothes, the noise it emits will definitely affect your rest, so many office workers choose to open the washing machine the next morning, let it work on its own, and then come back from work, then go Dry the clothes in the washing machine. In this way, these washed clothes stayed in the washing machine for ten hours. It’s fine when it’s cold in winter. If it’s in the summer, we can smell the stench from the washing machine as soon as we open the lid. This is due to the proliferation of bacteria in humid and hot environments. So at this time the clothes in the washing machine are very dirty, I suggest you to rinse again!

3, after drying the clothes, immediately cover the washing machine

This is a habit that many people follow. After washing the clothes in the washing machine, they cover the lid. However, this habit is very bad. After washing the clothes in the washing machine, the inside is very moist, and the bacteria can multiply in the inside. When we wash the clothes next time, these bacteria will pollute our clothes and cause the clothes to be washed clean! Therefore, after washing the clothes, don't cover the lid, let the moisture in the washing machine dry and cover again, so that the bacteria in the washing machine will not be allowed to make the washing machine clean.

4, the washing machine is not used for a long time

Most people think that the washing machine is used to clean clothes. How do you still need to clean it yourself? In fact, this is considered to be very wrong. When washing the clothes, the washing machine will leave a lot of bacteria on the inner wall of the washing tub, and the water hole in the inner wall will still have a lot of stains. If you wash it from time to time, then every time you wash your clothes, these bacteria and stains will pollute our clothes, making the clothes more dirty and dirty! When cleaning the washing machine, we have to use the washing machine cleaner.

This kind of cleaning agent uses active oxygen to quickly sterilize and decontaminate, ensuring clean inside the washing tub. In general, cleaning the washing machine in half a month is the best choice. Clean the washing machine and the clothes we wash will be cleaner!