What is the use of mobile air conditioners?

- Aug 13, 2018-

How to solve the heat of the body in a hot summer day and get a comfortable life? Five percent of users choose fans, 15 percent choose air conditioner fans, 31 percent choose air conditioners, and 49 percent choose to use our mobile air conditioners. . Why is this? After experimental analysis, the fan has a small air volume, can not be cooled, can only send air, and it takes a long time to cause migraine. The humidity of the air-conditioning fan is better than that of the fan, but the air volume is not large enough for many people to use. Although the air-conditioning effect is good, the price is higher and the energy consumption is higher. The closed type is easy to get air-conditioning disease, and the air layer will be hollow and damage the environment. Mobile air conditioners are cheap, consume low energy, and can be cooled in flowing air. The advantages are outstanding.


The mobile air conditioner uses an industrial pure copper motor to make the operation smoother and also increases the service life of the mobile air conditioner. The refrigerating device of the mobile air conditioner is a green cooling curtain, and the water is rotated by the rotating water of the pump to suck the water to the top of the air conditioner, and the humidified and cooled air is sent out.

The design of the mobile air conditioner is more careful. When the weather is hot, it is easy to be upset and uncomfortable. Any noise is unacceptable. The noise of the mobile air conditioner is very small. The decibel of the sound is 30-50 decibels depending on the tool file. It will not disturb the normal rest. Mobile air-conditioners are carefully designed for all types of people, effectively preventing children from contracting respiratory diseases in closed air-conditioned rooms, providing moist air for dry skin people who cannot blow fans, providing a healthy, comfortable and quiet place for office workers. Working environment, if you have the heart, adding ice in the water tank can make the air cooler, and dripping water on the wind curtain can drive away the mosquitoes, and the essence can improve the quality of life.