What is the most important data to watch when purchasing a purifier?

- Sep 10, 2019-

1) Filter level: Particle filter is recommended to use pure physical filtration HEPA filter, try to choose the highest level H13, the highest purification efficiency. Other forms of filtration, such as electrostatic integration, are not recommended and may produce ozone. Activated carbon is recommended for formaldehyde filtration. Photocatalyst, ultraviolet light and other forms are not recommended.

2) CADR value (clean air output ratio): can be understood as the unit air volume. Under normal circumstances, the larger the value, the higher the efficiency. The national standard unit is m3/h. This value divided by 10 is almost the applicable room area. In particular, the CADR value in the case of the minimum windshield is most worthy of attention, because the most silent gear is generally selected during sleep, and the purification efficiency at this time is very important.

3) CCM (cumulative purification): It can be understood as the life of the filter. The larger the value, the longer the life. The standard of the highest grade P4 of the particulate matter CCM in the national standard is ≥12000mg, and the standard of the highest grade F4 of formaldehyde CCM is ≥1500mg. Can be considered together with filter pricing.