How the washing Machine works what's the function of a few seconds pause

- May 16, 2018-

  1. The washing machine by mechanical beating laundry, through the inner barrel rotating belt clothes rise and fall under the action of gravity to achieve the purpose of laundry. This program control speed control is a very important problem, high speed clothes will not fall off.

2, the main protection motor, so that the motor's reverse EMF is not too strong. In particular, the roller by belt drive must also consider the bearing capacity of the belt. Most of the belt drive mode is used, because of the characteristics of belt transmission, belt has its own telescopic allowance. If the rapid reversal will reduce the life of the belt. At the same time, there is a slip in the connection between the belt and the motor shaft. In the long run, it will produce unnecessary vibration and noise. The frequency conversion motor will be better, which is reflected in the shorter pause time. This is also the advantage of DD.

3, circuit control and motor torsion is not enough to achieve rapid reversal.

4, function needs, partial mode need to reduce washing force, protect clothing, reduce winding.

5. At present, our understanding of soaking is usually before washing. New research shows that soaking can improve cleanliness slightly if it occurs in washing. Soaking does not require energy consumption, so it is now more likely to wash-soak-rewash-resoak. Instead of soaking-washing in the past.