Shocked!The washing machine has been unclean for so long.

- Apr 09, 2018-

Many people tend to pay attention only to the washing machine's inner barrel surface, will regularly go to scrub.However, we ignore the laundry trough between the inner and outer buckets. After washing clothes with the washing machine, the dirty water stays between the inner and outer buckets, which accumulates a lot of dirt.In fact, the dirtiest part of the washing machine is the interlayer between the inner barrel and the outer barrel.In the case of the most susceptible mold to the washing machine, if the mold of the washing machine is transmitted to the washed clothes, we can easily wear it to cause some allergic skin diseases, such as chronic urticaria.Especially for a child at home, the immune function of the child is generally low, and the mold infection is generally related to the immune function, so the child will be very susceptible to infection.

Therefore, the washing machine regular depth cleaning is necessary.So, how to properly clean and maintain the washing machine?1, washing machine should not be closed for a long time, it is best to properly open the ventilation, it is recommended to wash the clothes after about 30 minutes to close the upper cover, so that the machine environment to keep dry, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria inside;2, it takes about a week to take out the filter net and filter box inside, and wash it;3, use 84 disinfectant regularly in the inside to clean and filter, can also play the role of disinfection and sterilization.To this end, the washing machine must also include the laundry slot, it is recommended that professional disinfectant can be used to clean.