How to use washing Machine to economize Resources from me

- Apr 21, 2018-

In addition to policy direction, there are some tips to save water and electricity in our daily use of the washing machine, which saves money for ourselves as well as resources for the country, so let's take a look at it.

How can laundry be "water saving"? First, soak and then wash. Before washing, soak the clothes in liquid soap or washing powder solution for 10-14 minutes, let the detergent and the dirt on the clothes, then wash. In this way, the washing machine running time can be reduced by about half, the electricity consumption is accordingly reduced by half.

Second, separate color washing, first shallow and then deep. Separate wash of different colors, not only clean, but also wash quickly, than mixed washing can shorten a third of the time.

Third, thin first and then thick. Generally, thin and soft chemical fiber, silk fabric, can be washed in four or five minutes, while the thicker cotton, woolen goods take about ten minutes to wash. The thick and thin separate wash can shorten the running time of washing machine more effectively than mixed washing.

Fourth, rated capacity. If the washing quantity is too small, the electric energy will be consumed in vain; on the contrary, too much washing at one time will not only increase the washing time, but also cause overload operation of the motor, which not only increases the power consumption, but also easily causes the motor to be damaged.

Fifth, water consumption is moderate, not too much or too little. Too much water will increase the water pressure of the plate, increase the burden of the motor and increase the power consumption; too little water will affect the up-and-down turn of the clothes during washing, increase the washing time, and increase the electricity consumption.

Six, correctly grasp the washing time, to avoid invalid action. The cleanliness of clothes is mainly related to the degree of dirt, the variety and concentration of detergent, and is not proportional to washing time. Beyond the specified washing time, washing degree will not be greatly improved, and electricity is wasted.

Seventh, the procedure is reasonable. After washing the clothes, it is best to dry the clothes and squeeze out the dirty water, so that when rinsing, you can shorten the time and save water and electricity.

Eight, the best way to wash laundry is by centralized washing. That is, a bucket of detergent washing several consecutive batches of clothes, laundry powder can be added appropriately. All washed and then floated one by one. In this way, it can save electricity, water, washing powder and laundry time.