The washing machine should not be placed in the bathroom. Do you know why?

- Jun 02, 2018-

Setting up bath space in bath area has become the habit of many people. This practice can effectively classify washing products and make the inclusion of items more scientific. Because of the complete water and drainage facilities in the bath room, it is convenient for the user to use water and drain water when washing, but there are many hidden dangers of safety which are often ignored.

The bath area is a place to bathe, usually with a lot of water. The washing machine next to it will be splattered or even soaked in water. In addition, a large amount of water vapor generated during the bath will diffuse throughout the bath area, prone to accidents.

How to eliminate these safety risks? First of all, wash the laundry space and bath space relative isolation, maintain a safe distance, do a good dry and wet distinction. Secondly, a steam layer is installed at the top of the bath area to avoid the effect of steam on the laundry area. Finally, raise the height of the laundry area to prevent the washing machine from being soaked in water. In order to be foolproof, it is recommended that you use plastic furniture to isolate the washing machine from the water.